Presented by SPE Fellows at ANTEC® Orlando 2015

On Monday afternoon in Orlando the SPE Fellows will provide a great overview in their newly organized Fundamentals in Plastics session—not to be missed! The team took a different tack this year in their program in order to provide fundaments based training for young professionals and others in the industry with these training needs.



Join us on Monday afternoon starting at 1:30pm for this informative session which includes the following presentations:

Automotive Design Avoiding Plastic Design Pitfalls
Paul A. Tres, ETS Inc

Painting Plastics: The Role of Interfacial Factors on Composite Performance
Rose A. Ryntz, International Automotive Components

Flow Accelerates Interfacial Reaction in Coextrusion and Compatibilization of Polymer Blends
Chris Macosko, University of Minnesota

Progress in Simulating Semi-flexible Glass Fiber Orientation during Injection Molding
Donald G. Baird, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Challenges in the Modeling of Plastics in Computer Simulation
Hubert Lobo, Datapoint Labs

Challenges and Opportunities in Functional Nanomaterials Design
Sadhan C. Jana, University of Akron

Robust Plastic Parts and Assemblies Design Using a Holistic Approach
Vikram Bhargava

Past, Present, and Future: Innovations that Connect Mold Builders, Molders, and OEMS
Glenn Starkey, Progressive Components

Some Perspectives on Innovation
Raj Krishnaswamy, Braskem America

Questions? Contact:

Dr. Joseph Golba
Technical Program Chair 2015
+1 440.930.1782

Barbara Spain
Events Program Manager
+1 508.338.2646