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QUEBEC CITY, CANADA, August 19, 2016: On Friday, August 19, more than 50 international attendees of the Leadership Council of SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) took part in a teambuilding activity. In doing so, they also donated educational materials to the YMCA of Quebec.These materials will allow students to learn more about environmental conservation, alternative energy, and green transportation via hands-on STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) education kits.

The event took place at the Delta Québec Convention Centre on the evening of the first day of the Summer meeting of SPE’s Leadership Council in Quebec City. The program called “Go Green Racing” was organized by Impact 4 Good, a company that plans and facilitates teambuilding activities that give back to local community. During the activity, participants were separated into teams and tasked with assembling a solar car from provided kits and a recycled car from materials used and thrown away by millions of people daily. The teams then raced their cars in an exciting relay! The races were done in an elimination tournament, that determined which team took home the checkered flag.

Each team was also tasked with assembling the donation and walking an assembly line to put together Solar Car Kits. The result, 40 kits, will be donated to the students at the YMCA of Quebec C-Vert Program.  C-Vert is an environmental learning program for youth ages 14-16 from inner city neighborhoods. The solar car kits allow students to learn the importance of energy conservation and alternative methods of transportation as well as foster creativity and innovation while building their own solar cars. These hands-on materials promote STEM education, which is critical to youth education today.

Genevieve LaPierre, C-Vert Program Coordinator, graciously thanked the group from SPE for this program-enhancing donation saying, “These solar cars will be used to improve knowledge and interest of our youth and our community about green energy, and this important way of safeguarding our environment.”

“The solar car event served as an evening of team building for our Leadership Council and enabled us to make a contribution to the Quebec community,” said Scott Owens, SPE’s 2016-2017 president. “We are excited that SPE volunteers have the opportunity to stimulate student interest in science and engineering through participation in this program. I was gratified that we could benefit the community we were visiting through the YMCA of Quebec C-Vert Program, whose programs and camps I have personally supported. It was a great evening for all of us.”

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