BETHEL, CT., U.S.A., September 28, 2016:  The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Division has presented Noel Tessier of CMT Materials, Inc. with its lifetime achievement award.  The honoree was selected by the Division’s Executive Committee, and the award was presented to Mr. Tessier on September 27, during SPE’s Thermoforming Awards Dinner in Schaumburg, IL.


Mr. Tessier is a materials scientist with over 35 years of experience in the research and development of composite materials.  He is one of the three founding directors of CMT Materials, Inc., the first company dedicated to tooling materials for thermoforming.  He is currently responsible for the development of new materials for plug assist thermoforming.

Author and co-author of five patents and numerous technical articles and presentations in the US and around the world, Mr. Tessier has had significant impact on the thin gauge thermoforming process, measured by the increasing volumes of thin-walled plastic containers around the world, and by the adoption and growth of third axis plug-assist forming.

The development and commercialization of syntactic foam plugs for thermoforming has resulted in a material that provides stability and repeatability for thermoforming processors.  Low thermal conductivity, dimensional stability and ease of machining are the primary attributes of CMT’s HYTAC® syntactic foams which allow for uniform material distribution in the final part.

 In his early career, Mr. Tessier focused on materials research and the manufacture of the glass microspheres that became an integral component of syntactic foam structures.

Mr. Tessier holds a MSc degree in plastics engineering from the University of Massachusetts--Lowell and a  BSc degree  in chemical engineering from Northeastern University.  Prior to founding CMT Materials, Inc., Mr. Tessier worked for Quadrax Corporation, and had responsibility for production, development and quality improvement for all thermoplastic matrix continuous fiber tape products.  He has extensive experience in composite materials, including syntactic foams, fiber-reinforced materials and highly-filled plastics, and previously held research and development positions at WR Grace and the Army Materials & Mechanics Research Center.

“Noel Tessier is a true trailblazer in the thermoforming industry,” said Bret Joslyn, SPE Thermoforming Division Chair.  “His vast experience and remarkable accomplishments are inspirational to us all.”

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