Email Blast Request Form

The email blast form may be used by Sections, Divisions and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to share information to their membership. Content may include:

  • General Announcements
  • Newsletter Posting Notification
  • Upcoming Meetings or Conferences
  • Special Events
  • Golf Outings

Please note the following:

  • Email blasts require a one week's notice.
  • One email blast per month will be sent for each group. Emails are deployed to members of your group that have valid addresses.
  • Up to two photos (or other attachments) may be included with your email blast.

If you would like to receive an email delivery report, please contact eServices one week following deployment or request a report in part IV, "special instructions," below.

Part I - Required Information
Part IV - RSVP Details
Part II - Email Blast Details. Complete fields as applicable to your email blast.
    Limit of 90 characters, including spaces.
Part V - Special Instructions
    Instructions as to how the email blast should be handled.
Part III - Event-Specific Information (complete if emailing about a group event)

Required = required information