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Deb Zaengle
+1 203.740.5417

Accounting, Human Resources, Shipping/Receiving, Meeting Platform Coordination
Gene Havel
+1 203.740.5457

Scholarships, Membership Join & Renewal Process, Customer Relations
Allan Lee
+1 703.307.5753
AMS Management, 3rd Party Integration/Maintenance, Vendor Services Implementation, Online Technical Library and Data Mining

Pedro E. Matos
+1 203.740.5438

Administration of Website & Web Based Platforms, e-Information Dissemination, Surveys & Election ballots and General Web Design
Sue Wojnicki
+1 203.740.5420

Event Promotion, Sponsorship & Advertising, Scheduling, Membership Acquisition Campaigns, 3rd Party US Alliances, Magazine & Journals, Career Portals

Liz Martland
+1 203.740.5425

Social Media Coordination, Next Generation & Student Engagement, Graphic Design (Print & Digital)

Kim Wakuluk
+1 203.740.5439

Graphic Design (print & digital), Corporate Branding
Kathy Schacht
+1 203.740.5430

Society Governance & Support, Student Chapters, TopCon Event Support, Annual Awards & Recognition
Bill Sheehan
+1 703.473.7760

Advertising, Sponsorships, Partnerships
Scott Marko
+1 203.740.5442

Events Department, Technical Program, Mobile App
Eve Vitale
+1 810.814.6412

SPE Foundation Director
Carine Roos
+32 498 85 07 32

Supporting Europe, Middle East & Asia, Affiliate Group Relations, Events, Webinars & Videos, International 3rd Party Alliances
Maria Wang
+86 10-59231096

China Membership Processing/Questions