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The Chain is an exciting new online community platform developed by SPE to enhance your membership experience!

The Chain provides tools for you to share information, ask for help, discuss problems, exchange lessons learned, search for information, or simply stay connected with other SPE members.

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Tech Talk is where plastics professionals come together from around the world to discuss the latest technical issues and innovations within the plastics marketplace. Put the knowledge and expertise of thousands of plastics professionals to work for you. Ask a question—provide an answer—or simply expand your knowledge base in this professionally moderated forum!

SPE Industry Exchange
Not everything we do is technical! Engage in the broad range of topics under discussion in the Industry Exchange. Pose questions on any topics outside of the ‘technical’ box, provide answers or comments from your experiences, or just simply give us your opinions. Have fun with it!

Career Central Whether you are in the midst of a job search or planning the next steps in your career, Career Central is the place to go to identify job opportunities with the industry’s best employers. Browse our job listings and resume database, and get busy developing your career!

As an SPE Student Member, Campus Connection offers you and other student members an exclusive online community to ask questions or provide answers to hot topics of interest for today’s engineering students. This Place is professionally moderated by a group of respected plastics professionals from academia and industry who are ready and willing to give you guidance on a path to career success.

Stay tuned as we continue to add and update “Places” within The Chain!

Member Testimonials

Get On The Chain, Gang!
By Cynthia Kustush, MoldMaking Technologies blog

For a while now I have marveled at the ways folks in our industry can communicate today. There are so many resources, most of which are very accessible, like LinkedIn or Facebook, and then there are those that are more “exclusive”, I guess you could say.

Of the more exclusive resources that I am familiar with, one of the best in my humble opinion is The Chain, which is an online resource created and managed by the Society of Plastics Engineers. If you are a member of SPE, you probably receive daily email updates from The Chain—and if you don’t, then sign up to get them. One update is called Leadership Lane Digest while the other is named Tech Talk Digest. The Chain is "where plastics professionals connect". Read More.

"I decided to go on The Chain and post a technical question about an issue/problem we are trying to solve about a product.... I have to say that the response has been fantastic. Not only did people respond within The Chain and post their comments and suggestions, I received emails and also phone calls from a variety of people... that were willing to offer up potential solutions.... I am hooked!"

Kimberly Rush, Director of R&D and Regulatory, Polyform Products Co. Inc.