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What is a SVM™ Survey and how can it help your business?

A technology focused plastics industry survey conducted by SPE tailored specifically to your needs/desires. The results summary report enables you to narrow in on a Strategic Value Marketing (SVM™) focus that can help you develop new product ideas, enhance your current or future advertising campaigns, or give you important product feedback and more…

How does it work?

Construct your own survey. You determine focus and content, the survey date range, choose your demographic market from SPE’s 100,000+ contacts and establish a survey participation incentive package if desired.

What does SPE do for you?

SPE takes care of the rest! Services include coordination, promotion and logistics of the survey, solicitation prizes, tabulation of results and generation of a digital & hardcopy summary report within two weeks of survey close. SPE can provide a press release to the industry summarizing results if you choose. (Assuming results are in their best interest)

Survey coordination is only offered to SPE corporate partners - $50,000 = results exclusivity; $25,000 = results available to industry.

For more information contact:

Patrick Farrey, CEO
+1 203-775-0471 /