1-Day Program for Professional Development Hours (PDH) — April 16

The 1-Day Program is designed for civil, environmental, and mechanical engineers, and technicians and managers, involved in the design, specification, construction, and operation of plastic piping systems. They work for municipalities, public utilities, chemical plants, government regulation bodies, and engineering firms. They need Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to keep their licenses and certifications. The 1-Day program is an education program to help these professionals feel comfortable choosing plastic pipe for use in their systems. The program will provide 8 Professional Development Hours.

Some participants will wish to participate in the second day of the 2-Day Program. They may do so by registering for the 2-Day Program as an option.

Advance (until March 1) $395
Onsite (after March 1) $495



2-Day Full Program: Day 1 - Scientific & Day 2 - Practical — April 16–17

The 2-Day Program is designed for plastics professionals but may be of interest to participants in the 1-Day program. The first day will be full of scientific and engineering papers on plastics pipe resins and compounds, pipe test methods, design, and analysis.

The second day is to be filled with application talks, case studies, project reviews, failure analyses, and other more applied content relevant to a broad range of professionals. If the 1-Day participant want to attend the second day, they should register for the full 2-Day Program as an option below.

  Advance (until March 1) Onsite (after March 1)
SPE Member $595 $650
Nonmember $745 $800

2-Day Full Program: Day 1 - PDH & Day 2 - Practical — April 16–17

For people who wish to take Professional Development Hours on the first day and attend the practical presentations with case histories on the second day.

Advance (until March 1) $745
Onsite (after March 1) $800