Final Program


Tuesday, April 16, 2019


9:00AM Materials, Testing, New Products


Improved Methods for Determining the Design Basis of Polyethylene Pipeline Materials
Ernest LEVER – Gas Technology Institute - USA

A New Approach for Evaluating Long-Term Performance of Plastic Pipe
Ben JAR – University of Alberta - CANADA

The Application of Material Testing, Material Models and Finite Element Methods in Probabilistic Risk Models for Plastic Piping Systems
Ernest LEVER – Gas Technology Institute - USA

Performing Root Cause Failure Analysis of PE Pipes and Fittings Prevent Their Recurrence
Perry SHETH – National Grid - USA

Practical Aspects of Large Diameter HDPE Pipe Production
Steve SANDSTRUM – Borealis - USA


12:00PM Lunch Break


Qualifying a Masterbatch For Use with a Pressure Pipe Resin To Meet PE 4710 Pipe Requirements
Taha ABDULLA and White G. JEE – Sasol Chemicals North America LLC

PA11, a High-Performance Polyamide for Oil and Gas Piping Applications
Patrick DANG – Arkema - FRANCE

Non-Metallic Pipe Solutions for High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Applications. Recent Developments in Polyamide 12 UV Resistance for Above Ground and Buried Services along with PEEK Performance Characteristics for HTHP Applications
Akshay PONDA – Evonik Industries – USA


Coffee Break


Shaking Things Up – A New PVC Addresses Ground Shifting
Dave HUGHES – Modernizing Distribution - USA

Enhanced Orientation of PVC Pipe Using Acrylic Processing Aids
Manoj NERKAR – Dow Chemical Company - USA

Use of Fusible C900 PVC Pipe in The Potable Water Industry Alongside Ductile Iron Pipe Systems
Ed LOBELLO – Underground Solutions, Inc. – USA

Ensuring Highest Quality Pipe at Lowest Cost Per Foot by Employing Proven Innovative Technologies


Networking Reception


Wednesday, April 17, 2019


9:00AM Case Studies and Histories


Be In The Know on Quality Pipe
Sarah PATTERSON – Plastics Pipe Institute - USA

Emergency Sewer Force Main Rehabilitation in Valley Forge National Historic Park
Jeremy BALKE – United Pipeline Systems - USA

Ductility and Durability of HDPE Pipe - A Directional Boring Case Study
Dustin LANGSTON – WL Plastics - USA

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE): An Overview of the First Ever ASME BPVC Section III, Class 3 Nuclear Piping Installation
Shane SCHUESSLER – ISCO Industries - USA

Heat Fusion Joining Procedure Qualification for Natural Gas Utilities with Polyethylene Distribution Systems
Bryan HAUGER – Bryan Hauger Consulting - USA


12:00PM Lunch Break


The Three P’s of High Temperature Plastic Pipe
Steve SANDSTRUM – Borealis - USA

The Use of Pe-Xa Coils in Hot and Cold Water and Condensate Systems
Kevin PRICE – PEX Industrial - CANADA

Cavitation Damage in High-Rise Piping Applications
Jim PASCHAL – Aquatherm – USA


Coffee Break


Large Diameter Pe-Xa Pipe and Its Use in Industrial Processing and Mining
Aviv SCHEINMAN – PEX Industrial - CANADA

Pipe Welding Techniques: A Closer Look at PVDF Pipe for Demanding Applications
Averie PALOVCAK – Arkema Inc. – USA

Usage of 1 Inch to 160-Inch GRP-RTR-RPM-GRE Piping Systems in Under Ground, Above Ground, On Ground, Under Sea and Jacking Applications for Pressure Classes from Gravity up to 3000 psi
Sadath KAHN – Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Company – SAUDI ARABIA