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3-D & 4-D Printing
Adhesives & Sealants
Appliances & Housewares
Automotive & Transportation
Boat & Marine Products
Building & Construction
Chemicals & Plastics
Computers & Business Machines
Consumer Disposable Plastics
Consumer Products & N.E.C.
Electronics & Electrical
Film & Sheet Products
Furniture & Furnishings
Hardware & Tools
Medical & Pharmaceuticals
Military & Defense
Molds & Tooling
Municipal Water & Sewer
Office Products
Packaging: Bottles
Packaging: Cosmetics
Packaging: Flexible
Packaging: Food
Packaging: Medical
Packaging: Rigid
Pet Supplies
Recreational & Sporting Goods
Recycling & Sustainability
Signage & Displays
Swimming Pools & Spas
Telecommunications & Media
Wire & Cable
Other (specify)

Auxiliary Equipment/Components & Supplies
Barrels: Heater Bands/Replace/Refurbish
Blenders/Gravimetric & Volumetric
Blow Molding Machines: Extrusion Blow
Blow Molding Machines: Injection-Blow
Blow Molding Machines: Stretch-Blow
Blown Film Extrusion Line
Business & Finance Services
Chemicals & Additives
Clean Room Supplies
Compounding & Formulating
Compression & Transfer Molding
Compression Molding Machines
Computer Hardware & Software
Controls & Sensors
Decorating/Printing & Finishing
End of Arm Tooling
Engineering Services
Extruders: Multi-Screw
Extruders: Single-Screw
Extrusion Systems: Blown Film
Extrusion Systems: Cast Film
Extrusion Systems: Foam
Extrusion Systems: Pipe and Conduit
Extrusion Systems: Profile
Extrusion Systems: Sheet
Extrusion Systems: Tubing
Extrusion Systems: Web Coating
Extrusion Systems: Wire and Cable
Foam Processing
Hot Runners
Industrial Supplies
Injection Molding: Electric
Injection Molding: Hydraulic/Toggle
Injection Molding: Reaction
Insulating Blankets
Liquid-circulating temperature control unit (TCU)
Machine Safety & Guards
Machinery Maintenance
Materials Conveying Equipment and Accessories
Melt-Filtration Materials and Equipment
Mold Dehumidification Systems
Molds/Dies & Tooling
Motor Drives & Upgrades
Pneumatic Components and Systems
Primary Processing Equipment
Purging Compounds
Rebuilding Services
Recycled Plastics Compounder
Recycled Plastics: Post-Consumer
Recycled Plastics: Post-Industrial
Recycling Equipment & Services
Reinforced Plastics Processing
Reinforced Plastics/Composites/Fillers
Resins & Compounds (including Prime)
Resins: Bio-Based
Resins: Bio-Degradable
Robotics & Automation
Rotational Molding Equipment
Safety Equipment
Screws & Valves
Separators for Parts and Runners
Size Reduction Equipment
Structural Foam Machines
Testing & Inspection Systems
Thermoforming Machines
Training: Services & Consultancy
Welding Equipment



Select your additional membership(s) in the SPE Technical Chapters, Geographic Chapters or Communities you wish to join.

  • Geographic Chapters provide networking opportunities and more. Join a local chapter to meet colleagues who share your interests. Your local geographic chapter gives you the support you need to grow professionally and personally. In addition to regular meetings, geographic chapters sponsor many events throughout the year including educations nights, technical seminars, training courses, plant tours, student programs with colleges and universities, community activities and social events.
  • Technical Chapters deliver more than just technical information. They keep you on the cutting edge of the fast-evolving plastics industry. Technical Chapters provide opportunities for affiliation with plastics professionals around the world through specific programming, technical meetings, awards and recognition. Exchange new ideas, discuss the latest trends and build lasting business relationships.

We strongly suggest you join at least your "home" Geographic Chapter plus one Technical Chapter, to ensure you get the most benefit from your membership. Additional affiliations mean additional benefits!


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