Hands On Plastics™

The Hands On Plastics™ Kit is intended for middle level students to learn about plastics while in the classroom and at home. It is estimated that the entire use of the kit will take approximately twelve class periods. The Learning Cycle can be completed in six periods without using the optional activity or the five extensions. The module is designed with teacher notes preceding the student activity sheets for all parts of the Learning Cycle. Teachers are given permission to reproduce any of this material for classroom use.

The teacher’s appendix in this kit contains background information on plastics and polymers. It is not intended that students learn this material. However, students may become interested in this technology and want more information quickly. It takes time to dig into the literature of the chemical industry to answer some very basic questions posed by middle level students. This background information gives a teacher quick access to plastic information.




HOP science education investigation kits contain everything you need to design and implement a thorough and engaging investigation into the chemistry and the characteristics of plastics. The original HOP science curriculum kit was developed by the National Middle Level Science Teachers Association (NMLSTA), produced by the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and distributed by SPE to more than 30,000 teachers nationwide. A nominal charge for the kit materials and shipping can allow the Council to continue providing valued and long-lasting science tool.

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Hands On Plastics Kits


The Hands On Plastics™ kits contain information about demonstration experiments, which are potentially dangerous. This information is directed at qualified teachers. Experiments suggested in this kit should only be performed with appropriate supervision.