Fellow of the Society

We are proud to introduce the newest Fellows of the Society. These four SPE members are honored for their outstanding contributions in the field of plastics engineering, science or technology, or in the management of such activities. Candidates must be sponsored by an SPE Division or Special Interest Group and elected by the Fellows Election Committee on the basis of their professional record as well as written sponsorships from at least two SPE members.

Application Deadlines:

  • Electronic submission of completed application: October 1
  • Information as requested by Fellows Election Committee Chair: November 1
  • Committee report forwarded to the Executive Board for endorsement: January
  • Presentation of Fellows certificates and pins - at ANTEC®

Submission Guidelines and Application:

354 members have been awarded this prestigious title since it was introduced in 1984.


Fellows Election Process


2021's Fellows of the Society honorees, with their SPE Division and Section affiliations, are:

Dr. Umesh Gandhi, Executive Scientist, Toyota Research Institute North America
Nominated by the SPE Automotive Division
Dr. Gandhi works as an Executive Scientist at Toyota Research Institute North America, which is Toyota’s core research division in the USA. Dr. Gandhi holds Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and has worked for over 30 years in the Automotive Industry. Dr. Gandhi’s current focus is on developing technology to reduce vehicle weight while improving the performance. He has developed multiscale computational methods to model and analyze discontinuous fiber reinforced polymeric materials. Dr. Gandhi is also working on ‘active polymers’ which are key enablers in developing programmable structures. Dr. Gandhi has co-authored more than 60 publications including a book on composites. In addition, Dr. Gandhi has been awarded more than 55 issued patents. Dr. Gandhi serves as a board member of SPE’s Automotive Division. Sponsored by SPE Automotive division.
Dr. Yushan Hu, Research Scientist, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics
Nominated by the SPE Engineering Properties and Structure Division
Dr. Hu has worked for 15 years at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics in the area of polyolefin product and application development.  Dr. Hu received a B.S. and M.S. Polymer Chemistry at Nankai University (Tianjin, China), and a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Science at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Hu has authored 33 journal articles and 27 conference papers and is an inventor of 38 patent applications. Dr. Hu’s scientific contributions include developments of polyolefin materials for waterproofing membranes, INTUNE™ olefin block copolymers for broad applications, and polyolefin fibers for textiles, and understanding of gas transport, crystallization, phase behavior and compatibilization of polymeric materials.
Jeffrey A. Jansen, Engineering Manager and Partner, The Madison Group
Nominated by the SPE Injection Molding Division
Jeffrey Jansen is the Engineering Manager and a Partner at the Madison Group, an independent plastics engineering and consulting firm.  Jansen is a proven plastic professional with more than 30 years of experience solving problems and addressing opportunities related to polymeric materials and has performed over 5,000 investigations. Jansen specializes in failure analysis, material identification and selection, as well as compatibility, aging, and lifetime prediction studies for thermoplastic materials. Jansen enjoys sharing his plastics knowledge and is a regular presenter on the SPE webinar series, covering a wide range of topics related to plastics failure, material performance, testing, and polymer technology. Jansen is a graduate of Carroll College and the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
Mark Lavach, Manager, North American Analytical Group, Arkema Inc.
Nominated by the SPE Palisades-New Jersey Section and the SPE Vinyl Division
Mark Lavach is employed by Arkema Inc., where he manages their North American Analytical Group.  Previously, Lavach was responsible for their PVC additives technology group developing acrylic modifiers, and organotin heat stabilizers. A holder of multiple US patents Lavach has authored over 60 publications, presentations, and standards in the fields of vinyl additive technology and plastics testing.  A Fellow of ASTM International, Lavach chairs its D20 Committee on Plastics developing standards utilized by the plastics industry. Lavach holds an M.S. in Engineering Science (Chemistry) from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and serves on the Boards of the SPE Vinyl Division and Palisades New Jersey Section. Lavach is a two-time conference Chair of SPE Vinyltec. Sponsored by SPE Vinyl Division and Palisades-New Jersey Section.
Dr. Tieqi Li, Chief Research Scientist, Formosa Plastics Corporation
Nominated by the SPE Applied Rheology Division
Dr. Li is a Chief Research Scientist at Formosa Plastics Corporation, Point Comfort, TX. Dr. Li’s career as a polymer scientist includes more than 20 years of experience in rheological characterization, structure-property relationships, and product development of polyolefin materials. Dr. Li is a professional engineer with a B.Eng degree from Tianjin University, M.Sci. from Chengdu University of Science and Technology and Ph.D. from Zhongshan University. Dr. Li holds 10 granted US patents, has published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers, and co-authored a book chapter on wood plastics rheology.  Dr. Li served as Chair of SPE Applied Rheology Division in 2016 - 2019.
Professor Manjusri Misra, Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Biocomposites, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC);  Research Program Director, The Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance
Nominated by the Injection SPE Molding Division
Manjusri Misra’s research focuses primarily on novel bio-based composites and nanocomposites from agricultural, forestry, recycled and waste resources for the sustainable bio-economy moving towards Circular Economy. Misra’s actively works with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and the UN Environment Assembly for Consultation on Food Waste. Misra has authored more than 700 publications, including 397 peer-reviewed journal articles, 21 book chapters, and 15 granted patents. Misra has five products in the market, including the world’s first certified compostable single-serve coffee pods. Misra has supervised or co-supervised over 200 trainees, including graduate and undergraduate students, postdoctoral research fellows and visiting scholars.

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