Fellow of the Society Listing - 1984-Present

Fellow Sponsoring Division/TIG Section Year
Adur, Ashok M., Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives none 2018
Ajji, Abdella, Dr. Flexible Packaging Quebec 2019
Amon, Moris, Dr. Extrusion Cleveland 2006
Anton, Stanley J. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1992
Arendt, William D. Vinyl Plastics Chicago 2008
Auerbach, Andrew B. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Newark 2002
Avakian, Roger W. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams none 2020
Bacaloglu, Radu, Dr. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2007
Bachman, Bonnie J., Dr. Electrical & Electronic South Florida 2005
Baer, Eric Engineering Properties & Structure Cleveland 1997
Bagrodia, Shriram, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Tenn-VA-Holston Va 2004
Baird, Donald G., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Upper Midwest 1997
Barger, Mark Blow Molding Mid-Michigan 2005
Barr, Robert A. Extrusion Piedmont Coastal 1985
Barry, Carol Forance, Dr. Injection Molding Eastern New England 2018
Bawiskar, Santosh, Dr. Extrusion none 2020
Beall, Glenn Mold Making & Mold Design Chicago 1985
Beard, Robert A. Injection Molding Chicago 1990
Beatty, Charles L., Dr. (D) Engineering Properties & Structure Central Florida 1994
Beaumont, John P. Injection Molding Northwestern Pennsylvania 2007
Belcher, Sam L. (D) Blow Molding Miami Valley 1988
Benatar, Avraham, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Central Ohio 2003
Benning, Calvin J., Dr. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Newark 1991
Bernhardt, Ernest C., Dr (D) Injection Molding Newark 1989
Bhargava, Vikram Product Design & Development New York 2000
Bigio, David I., Dr. Extrusion Baltimore-Washington 2005
Billmeyer, Fred W., Jr. (D) Color & Appearance Hudson-Mohawk 1993
Bistrup-Allen, Sue Ann Polymer Analysis Southern 2002
Blyler, Lee L., Jr Injection Molding Newark 1999
Bonner, Robert M. Extrusion Golden Gate 1987
Bopp, Richard C., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Upper Midwest 2011
Bose, Ajit K. Extrusion Cleveland 1992
Braddicks, Jr. Robert P. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1985
Brookman, Robert S., Dr. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1992
Broutman, Lawrence (D) Engineering Prop & Structure Chicago 2001
Buja, Frederick J. (D) Injection Molding Rochester 1985
Bur, Anthony J. Plastic Analysis Baltimore-Washington 1997
Burley, Joseph W., Dr. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2005
Campbell, Gregory A., Dr. Extrusion Detroit 2004
Canterino, Peter J., Dr. Plastics Recycling Newark 1994
Carley, James F., Dr. Extrusion Golden Gate 1985
Carr, Stephen Howard Engineering Properties & Structure Chicago 2019
Castro, Jose M., Dr. Thermoset Central Ohio 2009
Chang, Rong-Yeu Injection Molding none 2016
Charvat, Robert Color & Appearance Ohio Firelands 2000
Chatterjee, Ananda M., Dr. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 2008
Chaudhary, Bharat Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Palisades 2016
Chen, Shia-Chung, Dr. Injection Molding Taiwan 2009
Cheng, C Y Extrusion South Texas 2001
Chum, Steve P. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams South Texas 2000
Chung, Chan I., Dr. Extrusion Hudson-Mohawk 1985
Clark, Edward S., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Tennessee Valley 1984
Cloeren, Peter F., Jr. Extrusion Tex-La-Gulf 2006
Coaker, A. William, Dr. Vinyl Plastics Connecticut 1996
Coleman, Ernest A., Dr. (D) Polymer Modifers & Additives Newark 1994
Collins, Frederick H. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Hudson-Mohawk 1995
Colton, Jonathan S., Dr. Composites Southern 2004
Cooper, Anthony R., Dr. Plastics Analysis Golden Gate 1992
Costeux, Stéphane Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Detroit 2016
Cowell, Richard D. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Newark 2002
Crawford, Robert J. (Roy), Dr. (D) Rotational Molding Australia-New Zealand 2005
Czuba, Len Medical Plastics Chicago 2015
Darby, Joseph R. (D) Vinyl Plastics St. Louis 1985
Dave, Vipul, Dr. Medical Plastics Philadelphia 2017
Davis, Donna S. Flexible Packaging South Texas 2019
Dealy, John M. Prof. Plastics Analysis Quebec 1996
Deanin, Rudolph D., Dr. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Eastern New England 1994
DeLong, Robert D. Blow Molding South Texas 2002
Demirors, Mehmet , Dr. Engineering Properties and Structure Golden Gate 2018
Denson, Costel, Dr. Extrusion Philadelphia 2003
Derezinski, Stephen, Dr. (D) Extrusion Rochester 2013
Dispenza, Jack Injection Molding Newark 2002
Dooley, Joseph, Dr. Extrusion Mid Michigan 2003
Driscoll, Steve B. Engineering Prop & Structure Eastern New England 2000
Drzal, Lawrence T., Dr.. Composites Detroit 2004
D'Souza, Nandika Anne, Dr Polymer Analysis South Texas 2013
Dunkelberger, David L. Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 1996
Dunn, Thomas Flexible Packaging Southern 2016
Duska, Joseph Extrusion Central Florida 1998
Duvdevani, Ilan, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Newark 1992
Eby, Ronald K., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Baltimore-Washington 1984
Eise, Kurt F. Extrusion Newark 1992
Enns, John B. Polymer Analysis Central Florida 2000
Epstein, George Composites Southern California 2009
Erwin, Lewis, Dr. (D) Extrusion Chicago 1985
Estabrook, Jr., F. Reed Injection Molding Southeastern New England 1992
Evans, W. Benjamin (D) Injection Molding Miami Valley 1992
Ezrin, Myer (D) Polymer Analysis Western New England 1999
Falla, Daniel Flexible Packaging Ontario 2018
Farris, Richard J. Plastics Analysis Eastern New England 1997
Favis, Basil D., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Quebec 2007
Feger, Claudius, Dr. Plastics Analysis Mid-Hudson 1997
Ferguson, Lewis E. (D) Blow Molding Philadelphia 2006
Finch, Charles R., Dr. Extrusion Mid-Michigan 1992
Finkel, Henry (D) Product Design & Development Quebec 1995
Fisch, Michael H. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2002
Forsyth, T. Henry, Dr. Injection Molding Cleveland 2004
Frankland, James D. Jr. Extrusion Pittsburgh 1992
Freeborn, George E. Injection Molding Central Texas 1992
Galiatsatos, Vassilios Polymer Analysis Rio Grande 2002
Gandhi, Umesh, Dr. Automotive Detroit 2021
Gao, Furong, Dr. Injection Molding Hong Kong 2011
Garcia-Rejon, Andres (D) Blow Molding Quebec 2001
Gaylord, Norman G., Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Newark 1990
Gedemer, Thomas J. Plastics Analysis Chicago 1989
Gilbert, Robert W. Blow Molding Chicago 1988
Gillespie Jr., John W., Dr. Composites none 2018
Gillham, John K. Polymer Analysis Newark 2000
Gobstein, Saul Vinyl Plastics Cleveland 1985
Goettler, Lloyd A. Engineering Properties & Structure Western New England 1993
Gogos, Costas G. Extrusion Newark 2001
Gould, Russell J. (D) Extrusion Chicago 1990
Grady, Brian P., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Oklahoma 2012
Green, Joseph Electrical & Electronic Newark 1994
Greener, Jehuda Engineering Properties & Structure Rochester 1999
Gregory, Robert, B. Extrusion Piedmont Coastal 1987
Grewell, David, Dr. Decorating & Assembly Iowa 2008
Grossman, Richard F. PhD. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1993
Gupta, Mahesh, Dr. Extrusion Mid Michigan 2013
Gupta, Rakesh, Professor Building and Infrastructure West Virginia Southeastern Ohio 2019
Haaxma, Harry C., Dr. Injection Molding Detroit 1992
Hagberg, Carl G., Dr. Extrusion Philadelphia 2004
Hansen, Marion Engineering Properties & Structure Smoky Mountain 1999
Hansen, Ralph H. (D) Thermoset Chicago 1989
Haque, Enamul, Dr. Composites Detroit 2006
Haas, Thomas W., Dr. Medical Plastics Virginia 2019
Hauser, Ray L. Engineering Properties & Structure Rocky Mountain 2004
Henneberry, Gary Blow Molding Philadelphia 2001
Henning, Frank, Dr. Composites Central Europe 2013
Herbst, Clarence A., Sr. (D) Plastics Analysis Kentuckiana 1992
Hirt, Douglas E., Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Carolinas 2009
Hoffman, Frank E. (D) Extrusion Central Ohio 1985
Hopmann, Christian, Dr. Injection Molding none 2019
Howard, Jesse M., III Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Newark 1992
Hu, Yushan, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure none 2021
Hubbauer, Philip Injection Molding Newark 1993
Hunkar, Denes B., Dr. (D) Blow Molding Miami Valley 1992
Hunter, Donald H. Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 1989
Hylton, Donald C., Sr. Thermoforming Southern 1997
Hyun, Kun Sup, Dr. Extrusion Mid-Michigan 1996
Isayev, Avraam I., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Akron 2008
Ishida, Hatsuo, Dr. Composites Cleveland 2006
Jabarin, Saleh A., Dr. Blow Molding Toledo 2007
Jakopin, Stan J. Extrusion Chicago 1994
Jana, Sadhan C., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Akron 2008
Jansen, Jeffrey A. Injection Molding Milwaukee 2021
Jones, Roger F. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Philadelphia 1985
Kakarala, Norm, Dr. Automotive Detroit 2004
Kalyon, Dilhan, Dr. Extrusion Newark 2004
Kamal, Musa R., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Quebec 1995
Kapur, Mridula Engineering Properties and Structur South Texas 2016
Karjala, Teresa, Dr. Engineering Properties and Structur South Texas 2017
Karol, Frederick J., Dr. Vinyl Plastics Newark 1995
Katz, Harry S. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Newark 2000
Kazmer, David O., Dr. Injection Molding Pioneer Valley 2011
Kenig, Samuel Engineering Prop & Structure Israel 2001
Kiziltas, Alper, Dr. Automotive Detroit 2022
Klein, Imrich, Dr. (D) Extrusion Newark 1994
Kohan, Melvin I. Engineering Properties & Structure Philadelphia 1998
Koppi, Kurt A., Dr. Applied Rheology Detroit 2020
Kosior, Edward I. Plastics Environmental Australia-New Zealand 2008
Kotaki, Masaya Engineering Properties & Structure South Texas 2016
Kramer, William A. Extrusion none 2022
Krauskopf, Leonard G. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1998
Krishnaswamy, Rajendra K., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Eastern New England 2009
Kruder, George A., Dr. (D) Extrusion Central Ohio 1985
Krueger, Walter L. Extrusion Upper Midwest 1988
Kumar, Vipin Thermoplastics Materials & Foams Pacific Northwest 2002
Kurtz, Stuart J. Polymer Analysis Newark 2001
Kusuma, David Injection Molding none 2016
Lan, Tie, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure none 2018
Landes, Brian, Dr Engineering Properties & Structure Mid Michigan 2013
Lavach, Mark Vinyl Plastics Palisades-New Jersey 2021
Lavitt, Seymour E. Injection Molding Western New England 1992
Lee, L. James Polymer Analysis Central Ohio 2001
Lee, Norman C. Plastics Environmental Carolinas 2002
Lee, Shau-Tarng Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Palisades 2001
Lesser, Alan J., Dr. Polymer Analysis Eastern New England 2005
Li, Tieqi, Dr. Applied Rheology none 2021
Liang, (Lora) Ying , Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure none 2019
Lobo, Hubert Product Design & Development Rochester 2002
Lutz, John T., Jr. Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 1986
Mack, Martin Extrusion Carolinas 2014
Macosko, Christopher W. Plastics Analysis Upper Midwest 1997
Maddock, Bruce H.(D) Extrusion Newark 1992
Malloy, Robert A., Dr. Product Design & Development Eastern New England 2010
Manas-Zloczower, Ica, Dr. Extrusion Cleveland 2006
Mansson, Jan-Anders, Dr. Composites Central Indiana 2019
Mano, Eloisa Biasotto, Dr. Composites Brazil 2004
Manzione, Louis T., Dr. Electrical & Electronic Delaware Valley 1994
Marom, Gad, Dr. Composites Israel 2004
Martin, George C. Polymer Analysis Rochester 2000
Mather, Patrick T., Dr. Polymer Analysis Rochester 2009
Matsuoka, Shiro, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Newark 1985
Matuana, Laurent, Dr. Vinyl Plastics Detroit & Western Michigan 2014
Maxwell, Bryce (D) Engineering Properties & Structure Newark 1992
McCarthy, Steven Medical Plastics Eastern New England 2016
McConnell, William K. (D) Thermoforming North Texas 1988
McKelvey, James M., Dr. Extrusion St. Louis 1985
McKenna, Gregory B., Dr. Plastics Analysis Baltimore-Washington 1998
McKinney, Paul V., Dr. (D) Vinyl Plastics South Florida 1988
Mehta, Kishor S. Injection Molding Pittsburgh 1984
Misra, Manjusri, Professor Injection Molding Ontario 2021
Mitchell, Monroe S. (D) Blow Molding Southern 1988
Mitsoulis, Evan, Dr. Extrusion No Section 2009
Mohanty, Amar Kumar, Dr. Injection Molding none 2019
Monte, Salvatore J. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Palisades 2004
Moore, Dale P. Injection Molding Detroit 2006
Morris, Barry A., Dr. Extrusion Philadelphia 2005
Mount III, Eldridge M., PhD. Extrusion Rochester 2000
Mulholland, Bruce M. Color & Appearance Miami Valley 2004
Muller, Bruce M. Rotational Molding Ohio Firelands 2009
Murray, Dr. Allan D. Automotive Detroit 1997
Naguib, Hani E., Dr. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Ontario 2015
Nalle, George, S. Jr. (D) Extrusion Central Texas 1991
Nass, Leonard I. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1985
Neubauer, Anthony Charles Extrusion Palisades 2014
Nichols, Russell J. Extrusion Connecticut 1996
Nissel, Frank R. (D) Extrusion Philadelphia 1993
Nissle, William N. Extrusion Philadelphia 1992
Noller, Richard M. Product Design & Development Chicago 2002
Noriega, Maria del Pilar, Dr. Extrusion none 2019
Nufer, Robert W. Electrical & Electronic Mid-Hudson 1989
Nunn, Robert E., Dr. Injection Molding Eastern New England 1986
Oberst, Horst W. Extrusion Hudson-Mohawk 1995
O'Brien, Keith T., Dr. Injection Molding Newark 1991
Ogale, Amod A. Electrical & Electronic Carolinas 2012
Ohshima, Masahiro, Prof Thermoplastics Materials & Foams Japan 2014
Osswald, Tim A., Dr. Composites Milwaukee 2008
Otaigbe, Joshua U. Engineering Properties & Structure Mississippi 2005
Pang, Su-Seng, Dr. Joining of Plastics & Composites Gulf South Central 2006
Pape, Peter G. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Mid-Michigan 2001
Park, Chul B., Dr. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Ontario 2004
Park, Chung P., Dr. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Eastern New England 2004
Park, Russell A.(D) Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 1989
Patel, Rajen M., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure South Texas 2009
Paul, Donald, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Central Texas 2004
Peacock, Andrew J., Dr. Thermoplastics Materials & Foams Virginia 2011
Pearce, Eli M., Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives New York 1988
Pearson, Raymond A., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Lehigh Valley 2010
Perdikoulias, John, Dr. Extrusion Ontario 2019
Peters, Don L. Blow Molding Bartlesville-Tulsa 1987
Pham, Hoang T. Engineering Properties & Structure No Section affiliation 2012
Pochan, John M., Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Baltimore-Washington 1994
Portnoy, Robert C. Medical Plastics South Texas 2002
Poston, Irvin, E PE (D) Automotive Detroit 2014
Prall, George M. Extrusion Central Florida 1992
Priddy, Duane B., Dr. Plastics Analysis Mid-Michigan 2008
Prime, Bruce R. Plastics Analysis Golden Gate 1998
Progelhof, Richard C.,Dr. Injection Molding Virginia-Carolinas 1987
Rabinovitch, Elvira B. Vinyl Plastics Cleveland 1994
Rainville, Dewey Injection Molding Newark 1994
Rajagopalan, Murali, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Southeastern New England 2006
Ramesh, Natarajan S. Thermoplastics Materials & Foams North Texas 2002
Rao, Natti S., Dr. Product Design & Development South Texas 2006
Rathman, John Blow Molding Oklahoma 2017
Rauwendaal, Chris J., Dr. Extrusion Golden Gate 1992
Reid Jr., Austin H. Color & Appearance Tennessee Valley 2002
Reinicker, Roger Color and Appearance Philadelphia 2016
Reitman, Maureen T.F., Sc.D., Dr. Medical Plastics Maryland-Baltimore- 2015
Riga, Alan T., Dr. Plastics Analysis Cleveland 1992
Riley, David W., Dr. (D) Extrusion & Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1986
Ringwood, Robert C. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1992
Rodriguez-Perez, Miguel, Dr. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Spain 2017
Rohatgi, Vivek, Dr. Plastic Pipe and Fittings Oklahoma 2023
Rohn, Charles Plastics Analysis Newark 1998
Roller, Mark B., Dr Plastics Analysis Newark 1995
Ronca, Piero V. Polymer Analysis Ontario 2000
Rosato, Domick V. (Nick) Injection Molding Eastern New England 1984
Rotheiser, Jordan (D) Product Design & Development Chicago 2000
Rowan, Sr., Edward W. Injection Molding Newark 1992
Rubin, Irvin I. (D) Injection Molding New York 1989
Ryntz, Rose Ann, Dr. Automotive Detroit 2006
Sacher, Alex Engineering Prop & Structures New York 1999
Sakai, Tadamoto, Dr. Extrusion Japan 2003
Sample, Paul E. Polymer Analysis Philadelphia 2002
Samuels, Robert J. Polymer Analysis Southern 2001
Schirmer, Henry G. (D) Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Carolinas 1998
Schmidt, Lawrence R., Dr. Extrusion Hudson-Mohawk 1990
Schott, Nick R., Dr. Extrusion Eastern New England 1986
Schrenk, Walter J. (D) Extrusion Mid-Michigan 1992
Scola, Daniel A., Dr. Composites Connecticut 1994
Sehanobish, Kalyan, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Detroit 2011
Serle, Allan G. (D) Injection Molding Newark 1989
Shah, Suresh Automotive Detroit 2001
Shastri, Ranganath, Dr. PD3 Mid Michigan 2003
Shaw, Montgomery T. Engineering Prop & Structure Western New England 2000
Shih, Chi-Kai, Dr. Plastics Analysis Philadelphia 1997
Simon, Frederick T., Prof. Color & Appearance Southern 1996
Simon, Sindee L., Dr. Polymer Analysis Central Texas 2005
Spalding, Mark, Dr. Extrusion Mid Michigan 2003
Speight, Russell G., Dr. Injection Molding Australia/New Zealand Section 2018
Spruiell, Joseph E., Dr. (D) Engineering Prop & Structure Smoky Mountain 1995
Squires, Paul H., Dr. (D) Extrusion Philadelphia 1985
Staats-Westover, Robert Engineering Properties & Structure Newark 1994
Starita, Joseph M. (D) Plastics Analysis Newark 1998
Starkey, Glenn Mold Making & Mold Design Chicago 2005
Starnes Jr., William H. Vinyl Plastics Virginia 2001
Steele, Gerald L., Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Central Indiana 1988
Steil, Frederick G. (D) Mold Making & Mold Design Detroit 2008
Steward, Edward L. Extrusion Southeastern New England 2006
Stokes, Vijay K., Dr. Thermoplastic Materials &Foam Hudson-Mohawk 1995
Street, Louis F. (D) Extrusion Newark 1985
Subramanian, Palletheri M. Plastics Environmental Philadelphia 2002
Sue, Hung Sue, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure South Texas 2010
Suhir, Ephraim Injection Molding Newark 1998
Sukhadia, Ashish M. Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Oklahoma 2014
Summers, James W., Dr. Vinyl Plastics Cleveland 1992
Sun, Luyi Flexible Packaging South Texas 2016
Sundararaj, Uttandaraman (U.T.), Prof. Applied Rheology Ontario 2018
Tadmor, Zehev, Dr. Extrusion Israel 1985
Tarahomi, Sassan Automotive Detroit 2014
Thacker, George, Jr. Vinyl Plastics Miami Valley 1986
Thomas, Lowell Injection Molding Mid-Michigan 1999
Thompson, Michael, Dr. Extrusion Ontario 2018
Throne, James L., Dr. Thermoforming Chicago ('96 Akron) 1986
Timmerman, Jose Injection Molding Florida-Central Florida 2015
Tobin, William J. Product Design & Development Rocky Mountain 2005
Todd, David B., Dr. (D) Extrusion Newark 1992
Touchette, Norman W. Vinyl Plastics St. Louis 1989
Tres, Paul A. Product Design & Development Detroit 1998
Turi, Edith A., Dr. Plastics Analysis Newark 1995
Turner, H. Ben Extrusion Kentuckiana 1996
Turng, Lih-Sheng (Tom), Dr. Injection Molding Milwaukee 2008
Tusim, Martin H. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Mid-Michigan 2007
Tzoganakis, Costas Extrusion Ontario 2016
Vaidya, Uday, Dr. Composites Eastern Tennessee 2023
Veazey, Earl W. (D) Extrusion South Texas 1989
Venkataswamy, Krishna, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Chicago 2006
Vlachopoulos, John Extrusion Ontario 2001
Wagner Jr., John R. Extrusion Rochester 1989
Walters, Keisha Bishop, Dr. Bioplastics & Renewable Technology none 2022
Weinberg, Elliott L. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1990
Weisfeld, Lewis B., Dr. EPSDIV and Vinyl Plastics Philadelphia 1986
Weiss, Robert A. Engineering Prop & Structures Western New England 1999
Weissmann, Dan Blow Molding Toledo 1996
Wenskus, James J., Jr. (D) Injection Molding Rochester 1984
Wetzel, Mark D. Extrusion Philadelphia 2008
Wheeler, Norton C., Jr. (D) Extrusion Connecticut 1985
White, Donald H., Dr. Extrusion Arizona 1990
White, James L. (D) Engineering Properties & Structure Akron 1997
Whitney, Alva E. (D) Vinyl Plastics Palisades 2004
Wickson, Edward, J. Vinyl Plastics Palisades 1988
Wilkes, Garth L., Dr. (D) Engineering Properties & Structure Virgina 2005
Williams, H. Leverne, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Ontario 1984
Williams, Joseph B, Dr. Polymer Modifiers & Additives Lehigh Valley 2001
Winfield, Armand (D) Product Design & Development New York 2000
Witenhafer, Donald E. (D) Vinyl Plastics Central Ohio 1998
Witzler, Suzanne I. Injection Molding Rocky Mountain 2002
Womer, Timothy W. Polymer Analysis/Extrusion Akron 2002
Wong, Shing-Chung Josh, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure Akron 2015
Woo, Lecon, Dr. Medical Plastics Chicago 1994
Wright, A. Nelson (D) Vinyl Plastics Upper Midwest 2000
Wu, Wen-Pao Thermoplastics Materials & Foams Rochester 2002
Xanthos, Marino (D) Extrusion Newark 2003
Xiao, Karen Extrusion Ontario 2016
Yang, Hsinjin, Dr. Engineering Properties & Structure   2019
Yao, Donggang , Dr. Applied Rheology Southern 2020
Zatloukal, Martin Extrusion Czech Republic 2013

Total: 354
(D) = Deceased

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