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A SPE Preferred Partner is a converter, manufacturer, solutions provider or product distributor that has been recognized by SPE for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry. Their products & services are valuable to our members. Learn more about SPE's growing community of partners and how they can support your plastic needs.

Townsend Solutions

Townsend Solutions is SPE's Preferred Partner for market research, surveys, strategic consulting and advisory services.

Townsend Solutions has been an independent provider of market research, analysis and strategic consulting to the global petrochemical industry since 1977. Townsend is headquartered in Houston Texas, with satellite partners and affiliates worldwide. With over 40 years of accumulated knowledge and a wealth of industry experience, Townsend's reputation is built on providing highly detailed and specific information, keen analysis and insights. From oil price scenarios to end-use application level data, to granular details on over 60,000 plastic conversion plants, the company leverages its depth and expertise to provide knowledge, context and clarity to the industry.

Townsend's clients are oil and gas companies, midstream service providers, petrochemical companies, logistics companies, polymer and chemical converters, compounders, traders, distributors, equipment manufacturers, brand owners, financial companies, regulators and other consultants. Products and services include published reports, databases, grade level resin pricing, cost modeling, due diligence, strategic consulting projects, converter benchmarking, market and customer intelligence. Townsend, with its broad range of products and services, caters to large and SME clients at all levels of their business life cycle.

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For further information please contact:
Ms. Barbara Mitchell,
Marketing Director
+1 936.446.9881


ACCEDE MOLD & TOOL CO., INC. is SPE's Preferred Partner for custom plastic injection mold making and systems integration solutions.

ACCEDE MOLD & TOOL CO., INC. is family-owned and privately held since 1981, ACCEDE Mold & Tool specializes in complex and precision state-of-the-art mold making for the plastic injection molding industry. Located in Rochester, NY, ACCEDE's tooling mastery includes: servo solutions; pilot/developmental molds; high cavitation molds; unscrewing molds; stack molds; in-mold closing systems; multi-shot tooling solutions including conventional rotary, in-mold rotary, lift-and-rotate and cube molds/SpinStack®. ACCEDE provides services beyond mold design and manufacture including full turn-key systems integration, in-house sampling (80-720 tons), clean room sampling, and process validation. ACCEDE provides global full-service customer support. Certified ISO 9001:2015. ITAR registered. Made in the USA.


For further information please contact:
Camille Sackett
Director, Business Development and Engineering Support
+1 585.254.6490

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