Pelletizing Fundamentals: Concepts and Applications—SPE Carolinas Section 

When: Tuesday, November 15, 2022 11:00 AM EST - 12:00 PM EST

Where: The Polymer Center of Excellence, 8900 Research Dr. Charlotte, NC 28262


The cutting chamber of a pelletizer is one of the problem areas of any compounding line. It is where the melt, the cooling water, and the cutter converge, all of which are in motion. Given the demands of uniform pellets of a specific size, moisture content, and temperature, it is often difficult to get all three systems working correctly to achieve specifications. Find out how the experts at Gala and Automatik design their machines to achieve consistent pelletization goals, and what might be going wrong if the results do not meet expectations.


This presentation is sponsored by SPE Carolinas Section and constitutes the November meeting.

The meeting is hybrid—either attend in person or log in.


The cost is free for everyone.


Daeng Hawkins
+1 704.602.4150


The presentation will be divided into two halves. The firs presentation will be by John Bolton and Chris Theimer of Gala, and will focus on underwater pelletizers. Bolton has worked at Maag Gala for over thirty years and has directed experience with both the specification and design of their pelletizing systems. Chris Theimer led the centrifugal dryer business for Gal and ins now in charge of the configuration of new pelletization systems. The second half will focus on strand systems, both dry and underwater. Often found in PET applications, the USG systems of Maag Automatik are the industry standard for that application. Jurg Hassler of Maag Automatik, with over thirty years of experience specifying, installing, and troubleshooting those lines, will present his thought on how to keep those systems optimized for good pellet quality.

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