Who Should be a Sponsor?

You should be a Sponsor if:

  • You are aware of the volunteer activity of the HSM Candidate.
  • You have worked with the Candidate in a volunteer capacity and can personally authenticate and verify the achievements he/she has made on behalf of the Society.

You should not be a Sponsor if:

  • You have only known the Candidate in a social or peripheral relationship.
  • You have only second-hand knowledge of his/her achievements.

Purpose of the Sponsor
The Sponsor is needed to help put the Candidate’s contributions into perspective for the people who will be reviewing these achievements.  These people are relying on your insight and knowledge of the Candidate.  They are looking for you to fill in any blanks or tell them of the significance or value of each contribution the

Candidate made on behalf of the Section, Division or Society. For example: 

  • Was the Candidate solely responsible for an improvement in how the Section or Division operates?
  • Was the Candidate responsible for the concept, development, execution, or management of an event or program?
  • Did the Candidate’s efforts heavily impact the educational programming offered by the Section or Division – or reach a new audience previously untapped (students, the general public, other technical associations, etc.)?

What not to Include in the Sponsor Statement

  • Do not list the candidate’s personal information, i.e. marital status/number of children.
  • Do not list activities unrelated to SPE, such as church or civic activities.
  • How to Complete the Sponsor Statement

Multiple Sponsors
Multiple sponsors are acceptable, and may be beneficial, especially if the candidate has leadership service roles in multiple groups (Section, Division, SIG, and/or Student Chapter) or in Society level governance.

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