Fellow of the Society - Form 4: Division/TIG Critique


Division/Technical Interest Group Critique

Purpose of This Critique

As a Division or Technical Interest Group, you may have sponsored this member as a worthy Nominee. You are now asked to review this Nominee’s achievements and Sponsor Statements, not on behalf of the Division/TIG, but on behalf of the SPE. The Fellow grade is a prestigious grade and should only be granted to Nominees who “have demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of plastics engineering, science and technology, or in the management of such activities.”

The Nominee has selected your Division/TIG to review his/her credentials. The major portion of the Nominee’s achievements must fall within your Division’s or TIG’s technology for you to review this application. In case of uncertain connection to your Division/TIG, the Fellows Election Committee will appoint a suitable Division/TIG to review the Nominee’s paperwork. This must be a peer review by distinguished and prominent people in your Division/TIG who are technically competent and qualified.  When the review is completed, it is to be attached to the complete file and sent to the Fellows Election Committee at SPE Headquarters.

What to Look For

On a peer review basis, you are asked to verify, to the best of your ability, that the technology described by the Nominee is real, and that the Nominee was responsible for the achievement. If in doubt on any points, you should call on other resources within or outside the Division/TIG to help you decide. If a Nominee has overstated an achievement, the Division/TIG should bring it to his/her attention so that the wording can be changed and then re-evaluated. 

In reviewing the Sponsor Statements, make sure that the Sponsor Statements have stressed the significance, value, or sustainable impact created by the nominee’s achievements in the development of technology, influence on the market, or the scientific contribution to the plastics industry.


The Division/TIG submits the Division/TIG Critique as an advisory document to the Fellows Election Committee. Divisions/SIGs are responsible for certifying the technical achievements of the Nominee. The Fellows Election Committee is the sole Committee responsible for recommending Nominees for the Fellow grade to the Executive Committee. Deadline for all completed material is on or before October 1, 2019.

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