Plastics for Life 2016

Winners of the 2016 Plastics for Life global parts competition were: 

PFL Grand Award 2016

Grand Prize Award: Thermoformed Pods Made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane nominated by Les Produits Plastitel Inc., of Laval (Quebec), Canada.

(Nomination previously won the Gold Award for Heavy-Gauge Vacuum Forming and tied for the People's Choice award categories at the 2015 SPE Thermoforming Conference Parts Competition)

PFL Protecting Life 2016

Protecting Life CategoryMixed-Material Floor Rocker Reinforcement nominated by Promo Group (FCA US LLC), of Auburn Hills, MI, USA.

(Nomination previously won the Safety Category award at the 2015 Automotive Division Innovation Awards)

Quality of Life Category:  Extrusion Blow Molded Dual-Dispensing Bottle nominated by Sonoco Products Co. of Hartsville, SC, USA.

(Nomination previously won the Pharmaceutical Category 1st Place and the Packaging Division 3rd Place awards at the 2015 SPE Blow Molding Conference)

Improving Life CategoryThermoformed MRI Machine Cover nominated by Productive Plastics Inc., of Laurel, NJ, USA.

(Nomination previously won the Gold Heavy Gauge Value Add at the 2015 SPE Thermoforming Conference Parts Competition)

Sustaining Life Category:  Heated Fuel Tip Injector nominated by Delphi Automotive PLC of Ghilligham, UK.

(Nomination previously won the Powertrain Category award at theAutomotive Division Innovation Awards)

People’s Choice Category:  Blow Molded Gasoline Can nominated by SureCan Inc., of Ogden, UT, USA.

(Nomination previously won the Consumer Goods Category 1st Place, People’s Choice Award Industrial Application and the Industrial Division Award 3rd Place awards at the 2015 SPE Blow Molding Conference)

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