Results of SPE's Executive Board Election

SPE's 2018 regular election of the Executive Board was completed this past week.

Those elected are:

    Dr. Brian Landes, DowDuPont, Inc (elected to serve a 1 year term)
    VP Divisions
    Dr. Jason Lyons, Arkema, Inc (elected to serve a 2 year term)
    VP Sections
    Dr. Scott Eastman, United Technologies Research Center (elected to serve a 3 year term)
    VP Technology & Education
    Dr. Raymond Pearson, Lehigh University (elected to serve a 3 year term)

Dr. Eastman and Dr. Pearson’s roles within the Executive Board will begin in early May. Dr. Landes and Dr. Lyons are already members of the Executive Board. Dr. Landes is currently serving as Vice President/Technology & Education. Dr. Lyons was previously appointed as Vice President Divisions to fill a vacated position.

All will take office in early May.