SPE FlexPackCon® 2018 — Sunday, October 28, 2018



SPE’s Flexible Packaging Division is delighted to again join AIMCAL’s R2R event to present a must-attend event for flexible packagers and their suppliers. This year’s program includes a session on eCommerce, the double-digit growth market for packaging. Following presentations on the materials, trends, and challenges in eCommerce, there will be a workshop where participants can imagine new approaches and solutions across the variety of components and requirements.

Another hot topic in flexible packaging is recycling and sustainability generally. The program includes overviews of the issue and marketplace perceptions as well as presentations on solutions utilizing ocean-bound plastics and recycled PE. A Bioplastics overview will address renewability and bio-sourced materials and their state of development and application.

Increasingly, the complexity of global regulatory systems requires significant attention. Whether due to differences in fundamental frameworks or changing requirements for components like inks, maintaining awareness is a critical success factor for package designers. This topic will also be addressed in the program.

Finally, there are there many talks on current developments in film designs, manufacturing and converting technologies, enabled by new materials and equipment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with others in your space, imagineering packaging for the future.