Society of Plastics Engineers Extrusion Division to host 3-day technical event

SPE Shape Extrusion Topcon 2020
May 12-14
Hilton Nashville Green Hills Hotel, Nashville, TN
Presented by the SPE Extrusion Division

Registration is now open!  

Precision extrusion in a “4.0 environment” requires a thorough knowledge of extrusion fundamentals, advanced theory and knowing where to go to get answers. Hence, the SPE Shape Extrusion Topcon was conceived!  This program includes:

  • ½ Day fundamentals session to learn the basics before hitting the speedway!
  • 20+ Presentations by, literally, the top extrusion experts in the world from industry and academia
  • Tabletop display area and networking opportunities to mix and meet 
  • Screw design, troubleshooting, film, sheet, tubes, profiles, materials…it’s all covered

May 12, 2020 Optional Fundamentals of Extrusion Session

1:00 pm- Opening Remarks

  • Rheology in Polymer Processing- Eldridge Mount, EMMount Technologies
  • Tailoring Plastics via Reaction, Blending and Additives- Rob Jerman, Extrusion Technology & Innovations - member of The Extrusion Edge
  • Single Screw Extruders: Screw Design Practicalities- Tim Womer, TWWomer and Assoc.
  • Twin Screw Extruders:  Theory, Tips and Test Results- Charlie Martin, Leistritz Extrusion
  • Fundamentals of Blown and Cast Film Dies and Systems- Karen Xiao, Celgard and Olivier Catherine, Cloeren 
  • Tube and Profile Extrusion Theory and Techniques- Steve Schick, Teel Plastics

May 13, 2020 SPE Shape Extrusion Topcon Day 1

  • KEYNOTE:  Extrusion Process Analytics - From Reactive to Proactive- Robert Armstrong, Eval - Kuraray America
  • Screw Designs to Minimize Gel Formation - Mark Spalding, Dow Chemical Company
  • Improving Extrusion System Productivity Using Digital Technology- John Christiano, Davis Standard
  • Comparison between melting rate, temperature and temperature setting and screw design on Machine Performance- Jeff Myers, Barr Inc.
  • Application of Simulation Towards Extrusion Process Troubleshooting- John Perdikoulias, Compuplast 
  • Using Self Service Industrial Analytics for Inline Monitoring Improving Extrusion Processes- Edwin van Dijk, TrendMiner
  • The Smart Factory: Making Your Existing Factory More Intelligent- Shane O'Callahan, TSM Control Systems
  • Key Considerations for Selecting a Blending and Material Handling System- Mark Jordan, Advanced Blending Systems
  • Comparison of Screen Changer Designs for Precision, Tight Tolerance Extrudates- Justin Marriott, Parkinson Technologies
  • New Technologies in Extrusion Gear Pumps- Dan Smith, MAAG

May 14, 2020 SPE Shape Extrusion Topcon Day 2

  • KEYNOTE: Extrusion Opportunities for Polymer-Graphene Composites- Tom Nosker, Rutgers University
  • Simulation of Cooling, Shrinkage and Distortion in Tube and Profile Extrusion- Mahesh Gupta, Plastic Flow
  • Virtual Pressure Measurement for Medical nano-scale Extruders- Kevin Slusarz, US Extruders
  • PVC Profile Extrusion Nuances Techniques- Dan Cykana, Extrusion Solutions, LLC
  • Downstream Puller and Cutter System Advancements for Precision Tubes and Profiles- Bob Bessemer, Novatec
  • Key Factors for Successfully Integrating Twin-screw Compounding with the Extrusion Process- Paul Andersen, Coperion
  • Individual Layer Foaming in Multilayer Co-ex Film and Sheet- Mark Woodrich, Macro Engineering 
  • Advancements for Online Process Measurement and Control for Films and Coatings- Ted Schnackertz, NDC Technologies
  • Devolatilizing Extruder MRS as an Alternative for PET Recycling Applications- Monika Gneuss, Gneuss
  • Auxiliary Equipment: The Glue in Any Extrusion System- Trends and 4.0- Joe Dzeidzic, AEC
  • A Biobased, Biodegradable and Barrier Solution for Sustainable Packaging- Kevin Laux, Eval - Kuraray America
  • A New Material Innovation to Make Bag Closures Sustainable- Gary Tong, Kwik Lok
  • Leveraging Process Analytics with Operational Guidance- Josh Shupp, Northwest Analytics

Costs to Attend

  • SPE members: Fundamentals session - $200, Conference session - $600, Both - $700
  • Non SPE members: Fundamentals session - $300, Conference session - $750, Both - $850

Event corporate sponsors: Leistritz Extrusion, Witte Pumps, Compuplast, Coperion, Brabender Technologie, Davis Standard, US Extrusion, Barr Inc., Maag, Plastics Technology Magazine, AEC, Polymers Center 

There’s still a few sponsorships left for $1200….or for any event questions….contact Charlie Martin at 908/685-2333 x616 or 

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