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Robert Jergens

Robert Jergens

Midwest Regional Sales Manager — IMM Division
Wittmann-Battenfeld USA

Keynote: "Smart Factories": The Future of Plastics Production with Industry 4.0 Connectivity & Condition Monitoring System (CMS)


"Smart Factories" are now a real possibility. Many innovations have been realized over the years, but perhaps none as interesting and valuable as Industry 4.0 and Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS). The ability to achieve complete connectivity along with the need to stay in touch have driven innovation to a point that now allows nearly all equipment to speak to each other.

The capability to have full internal communication of equipment coupled to the Injection Molding Machine with nearly instant access to streaming data through the internet may have truly created the next generation of "Smart Factories". The innovations provided by 4.0 connectivity along with CMS, a system which combines technical sensing components with predictive diagnostic analysis, allow factory monitoring at local and global levels.

In this presentation we will review the integration of all injection molding components using 4.0 connectivity. This includes a complete automation system along with all the peripherals — and the connection of these cells to a Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

We will also review Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) and how they will affect the future of plastics production. The strategy of condition monitoring is a permanent surveillance of the actual condition of the injection molding machine components with the goal of optimizing, and subsequently, keeping the availability and efficiency at an optimal level, thus reducing their life cycle costs.

About the Speaker

Robert Jergens has been in the plastic industry for over 30 years. Started at a very young age with our family tool and die shop, including but not limed to sweeping floors, squaring blocks, polishing, drilling holes and driving the truck. Took a keen interest in the sales and operations part of the business. While away at college my family started an injection molding division and customized my education to take over that business upon graduation. Grew the company from small 5 machine operation into a 26 machine operation. Introduced many technologies including robots, automation, material handling and plant wide control systems. Upon that business closing, I went into capital equipment sales. I am able to offer a unique perspective from once purchasing equipment to selling equipment. In 2004 went to work as a manufacturer’s rep for injection molding, extrusion and recycling covering parts of OH, IN and KY. In 2012 took on a direct regional sales role at Negri Bossi and then Arburg. Recently came to work for Wittmann Battenfeld in October 2019 taking over for Tom Betts who retired after covered the territory for 30+ years. I am a past president of the Miami Valley Section of SPE back in 2004-2005. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area with my wife and 4 school age kids. Am very active in their sports and try to get a round of golf in between their crazy schedules.

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