Scientific Molding, Presentation by: Stephen L Silvey, Silveys' Plastic Consulting

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 @ 4:30 PM PDT


Free to Attend


While the term Scientific molding has been out there for a long time, what does it mean, how does one implement it, and is it really for me?  Those and a few other questions shall be addressed within this Scientific Molding presentation.

The term scientific molding refers to data driven molding. Meaning, to the processor, using data achieved from the process to make informed decisions as to what is going on and allowing the processor, whom is trained in the process, to test, preform, and analyze the data for the process gain.

Points to be covered

  • The machine or machines, are they capable?
  • What about the mold?
  • The process testing: what tests should be run for scientific molding?
  • The results, can you use them, understand them?
  • What do I get?
    • Better consistency.
    • Quicker set up.
    • Monies saved and made to the bottom line.

About the author

Steven L. Silvey is the owner of Silveys’ Plastic Consulting, providing solutions and education for plastic part manufacturing. He received a BS in Industrial Technology Plastics from Chico State University, Chico, CA and has held key positions in various organizations involved in the manufacture of plastic parts. His background has spanned compression, injection, blow molding, to ophthalmic molding/casting, both from a design and processing perspective. Positions held range from molder, process engineer, to manager, to Senior Technical service for a materials distributor. Since 2003 he has been a consultant to the industry, providing troubleshooting, training, and engineering assistance to those organizations in need, the world over. In addition has instructed for community colleges, co-authored an ANTEC paper, and authored the book “A Primer for Injection Molding part Manufacturing".

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