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2021 SPE ASEAN Webinar - Abstracts

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Practical EQ Applications for Personal Mastery

Granville Ed D’Souza, PhD, BA, MBA, DBA | EQ Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach, EQ World Pte. Ltd.

Emotional intelligence (or “EQ”) is the capacity to effectively use emotions, and it’s a key differentiating factor of successful employees. Why? Because relationships are at the heart of workplace performance, and EQ skills are what makes effective relationships thrive. In this talk, we will prove to you through a sample of live demonstrations of how EQ is used on a daily basis. It does require sacrifice and re-thinking. Old pattern brings about the same results so only with effort and sacrifice would change in any individual happen. This is where EQ action is required.

Global Plastics Industry: Showing Resilience in the midst of the Pandemic

Utpal Sheth, Executive Director, Plastics Research & Analysis, IHS Markit

Plastics Industry has faced several challenges during recent years. Several questions were raised against use of Single Use Plastics leading to policy changes restricting consumption of plastics in several end use applications. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the image of plastics on its head. Plastics has proved its utility and importance in supporting lives, livelihood and lifestyle during such epidemics. Plastics consumption in Health & Hygiene, Consumer Packaging, e-commerce etc. has surged in 2020 and the trend is expected to continue during 2021. Moreover, the global economies are expected to rebound 2021 after a challenging 2020. These developments should support robust demand growth for plastics in 2021. Sustainability issues will continue to attract attention from various stakeholders. Technological developments in Chemical Recycling, product sorting, waste collection systems etc. are now taking the lead in facing these challenges.


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