Chapter Sponsored Awards

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  • Wonder of Plastics

Australia-New Zealand

  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Best in Class award- Vocational Education institutes


  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Inspiring Plastics Professionals Event

Bioplastics and Renewable Technologies

  • Best Student Paper Award

Color and Appearance

  • Terry Golding Outstanding Achievement Award

Columbia River

  • Lifetime Achievement Award


  • Composites Person of the Year Award
  • Educator of the Year Award

Czech Republic-East Europe

  • Framed certificates to the invited speakers
  • Best poster award (new for 2019)

European Thermoforming

  • Individual Long-term Service Award

Golden Gate

  • Education Expo poster/presentation

Injection Molding

  • Engineer of the Year award
  • Outstanding Young Injection Molding Engineer Award
  • Best Paper Award for ANTEC

Plastics and Pipe Fittings

  • Best Paper Award

Polymer Analysis

  • Best Paper Award


  • Contributing Member Service Award


  • Thermoforming of The Year Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

Thermoplastic Elastomers

  • Individual Long-term Service Award

Upper Midwest

  • Hall of Fame

Vinyl Plastics

  • Best Technical talk from previous year's conference
  • Best Commercial talk at previous year’s conference
  • Technical Contributions to Vinyl
  • Outstanding Service Award

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