SPE & Girl Scout Councils - Wonders of Polymer Science Patch
SPE & Girl Scout Councils - Wonders of Polymer Science Patch

Wonders of Polymer Science Videos

SPE & Girl Scout Councils



How do we color the things that we make? Pigments and Plastics.

[Length: 10:04 Minutes]

Plastics Are Everywhere

Try to imagine a world without plastics as you learn about early natural and synthetic polymers.

[Length: 5:09 Minutes]

The First Plastics

Make your own milk plastic, discover the first synthetic plastic and how chemical engineering is important in the plastics industry.

[Length: 14:12 Minutes]

Polymeric Structure

Monomers make up polymers, the difference between amorphous and semi-crystalline polymers, and product application engineering.

[Length: 6:35 Minutes]

Thermoplastics & Recycling

Thermoplastics can be reheated, remolded and recycled. How single-use water bottles are manufactured and recycled.

[Length: 10:19 Minutes]

Where Does Plastic Come From?

Plastic comes from renewable and non-renewable resources such as crude oil, natural gas and agricultural feedstocks.

[Length: 8:46 Minutes]


Slime is a good example of endothermic chemical reactions. Join us in the viscosity race and discover alien slime!

[Length: 9:23 Minutes]