2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

Candidates for Board of Directors

2024 Candidates for Board of Directors - Jungmee Kang, Ph.D.

2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

Jungmee Kang, Ph.D.


SPE Director Nominee


LG Chem
8 months

  • Head of Department
     - Present — 4 months

    Ravenna, Ohio, United States

  • Customer Solutions Manager at LG Chem, Petrochemicals
     - 5 months

    Ravenna, Ohio, United States

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
8 years 5 months

  • Principal Scientist
     - 1 year 3 months

    Akron, Ohio, United States

  • Senior Materials Scientist
     - 7 years 2 months

    Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area

    Air Maintenance Technology
    Airtight Cavity
    Commercial Sensing

University of Akron, Post-doctoral researcher
 - 6 months

Akron, OH

Hydrolytically stable polyurethanes

  • Synthesis of polyisobutylene-based polyurethanes

Bulk polymerization of polyurethanes (PU)

  • Development of a bulk polymerization method for PIB-based polyurethanes without solvents

University of Akron, Post-doctoral Researcher
 - 4 years 8 months

Akron, OH

  1. Biostable polyurethanes resistant to hydrolytic/oxidative degradation
    • Synthesized polyurethanes with a biostable soft segment such as polyisobutylene (PIB) macrodiol
    • Performed injection molding of the polyurethanes (PU) for characterization
    • Tested the polyurethanes in a harsh environment such as oxidizing solutions
  2. Novel immunoisolatory membranes
    • Synthesized polydimethyl acrylamide-polydimethyl siloxane graft polymers (PDMAAm-g-PDMS)
    • Created novel membranes by blending the PDMAAm-g-PDMS with polyurethane
  3. Bio-artificial pancreas for diabetes treatment
    • Studied transport properties of novel amphiphilic membranes (e.g., diffusion of glucose, insulin, and immunoglobulins)
    • Designed a device for immunoisolation of pancreatic cells

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Research Assistant
 - 4 years 11 months


  1. Synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructured and porous hydrogels
    • Synthesized polyethylene oxide-poly (epsilon-caprolactone) (PEO-PCL) block copolymers
    • Developed optimum reaction conditions for PEO crosslinking and PCL degradation
  2. Transport properties of the nanostructured and porous hydrogels
    • Measured diffusion coefficients of various macromolecules through the hydrogels.

Samsung Electronics (Semiconductor Divison), DRAM PA
 - 3 years 3 months

KiHeung, South Korea

Process engineer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM)

  • Supervised 128M and 256M DRAM in the fab.
  • Investigated failed processes during photo, etching and deposition for those DRAMs

Pusan National University, Research Assistant
 - 2 years

Busan, South Korea

  1. Degradation of trichloroethylene(TCE) using microbes
    • Conducted kinetic studies of TCE degradation using methanotrophs
    • Implemented design and continuous operation of a bioreactor for the TCE degradation
  2. Synthesis of waterborne polyurethanes
    • Performed one-pot synthesis of waterborne polyurethanes used for coatings

SPE Positions Held

  • No Positions Held


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Activities and Societies: Minor: Materials Science and Engineering

Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of novel nanostructured and porous hydrogels

Pusan National University
M.S. Chemical Engineering

Activities and Societies: Minor: Biochemical Engineering

Thesis: Degradation of trichloroethylene(TCE) using microbes

Pusan National University
B.S. Chemical Engineering

Graduated Summa Cum Laude


I am a Korean American woman, who has a wide variety of professional and cultural experiences, having worked in tire and semiconductor companies and having studied engineering in Korean and American universities. With an extensive background in R&D, I’ve recently started a management career by becoming a director of a Korean petrochemical in the US. I believe I can bring in professional and cultural diversities into the top management, and help minority voices be heard. I’ll work hard to strengthen the SPE presence in Far East Asia and to make it a more globally inclusive community.

Additional Information

I joined SPE early this year and would like to have an opportunity to contribute to the success of the SPE organization and help develop strategies for expanding SPE communities.

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