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Vinyltec® 2023 — October 10 - Tutorial

SPE Vinytec® 2023

Tutorial — Tuesday October 10

AM — Moderator Zachary Hoffman, Kisuma

8:30 AM
Zachary Hoffman, Kisuma
8:35 AM
PVC Resin
Curt Badeau, Formosa
9:05 AM
Amanda Freshwater, Valtris
9:40 AM
Morning Break
10:05 AM
Stu Parks, Galata Chemicals
10:35 AM
Rob Decker, NORAC Additives
11:05 AM
Introduction to Processing Aids & Impact Modifiers for PVC
Nicole Fusco, Dow
11:45 AM

PM — Moderator Andy Bourgeois, Shintech

1:05 PM
Liquid and Dry Compounding
Ralph Purtell, Purtell Vinyl Consulting LLC
1:40 PM
Injection Molding
Bob Schilling, formerly of GEON
2:10 PM
PVC Fusion and Stability Testing on a Torque Rheometer
Christoph Pielen, CW Brabender
3:00 PM
3:25 PM
Weathering Additives
Joseph Fay, BASF
3:55 PM
Weatherable Performance and Testing
Andy Francis, Q-Lab
4:25 PM
PVC Lab Testing Overview
Mark Lavach, Arkema
5:30 PM
Opening Reception
Sponsored by Shintech & K-Bin

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Coffee Break

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SPE-Inspiring Plastics Professionals

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