2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

Candidates for Board of Directors

2024 Candidates for Board of Directors - James Waddell

2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

James Waddell


SPE Director Nominee


Plastic Concepts & Innovations
Managing Partner
 - Present — 24 years

I am the managing partner of PCI, a consulting firm for the heavy gauge/cut sheet thermoforming industry specializing in process improvement and project management.

Plastic Concepts & Innovations
Founder and Managing Partner

  • Heavy-gauge/cut-sheet thermoforming consulting company
  • Developed thermoforming outboard motor covers from acrylic-capped ABS Developed, started, and grew the market for cut sheet Thermoplastic Olefins(TPOs)
    • Assisted in developing the extrusion technology for TPOs for Solvay
    • Instructed all the major extrusion companies on extruding and forming TPOs – including Guardian, Solvay, Spartech, Primex Plastics
    • Developed numerous new TPO products for the automotive, recreation, and boating industry e.g. Guardian, Chrysler, GM, Hunter Yachts, and Coleman recreation vehicles Developed thermoformed TPO exterior parts for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler Corporation
  • Developed the thermoforming process for paint films with different substrates – Soliant Designed and implemented numerous process-improvement plans for thermoforming
  • companies, worldwide
  • Continue to lecture and consult on thermoforming techniques and processing improvements

VP Administration
 - 9 years

Vice President for Administration of a 4-year liberal college specializing in training artisans in the traditional building techniques for stone carving, architectural carpentry, timber-framing, plaster, masonry, and architectural ironworking.

Curd Enterprises / Multiplastics
Vice President Sales and Operations

  • Managed a custom thermoforming company – grew employees from 50 to 250 Increased manufacturing space from 5,000 sq ft to >150,000 sq ft
  • Increased from single-shift to 3-shift /7-day worktime Increased sales from $250K to $8+M
  • Certified as 1st ISO 9001 certified Thermoforming Company in US Developed new products and techniques for materials such as:
  • Kydex© – became the largest user of Kydex-T in the USA
    • Talc-filled PE – became the largest user of Talc-filled PE in the USA Developed twinsheeting production methods for Talc-filled PE
    • Developed numerous new uses for styrene, ABS, PETG, acrylic-capped ABS 

Skamper Industries
Managing Partner

Blow-molded animal water-safety/rescue products; patent-holder on both products.
Sold in over 17 countries
Patent Holder

American College of the Building Arts
Chief Operating Officer

US Army
Active Duty

US Army South Carolina National Guard
Retired Lt. Colonel

SPE Positions Held

  • Society of Plastic Engineers – 1988 to present
  • Society of Plastic Engineers, Councilor Member– 2014-2020
  • Society of Plastic Engineers Treasurer and Director-2021-Present
  • Society of Plastic Engineers Thermoforming Division
    • Conference Chair of the annual Thermoforming Division Conference, 2 times
    • Technical Chair of the annual Thermoforming Division Conference, 5 times
    • Member, Processing Committee of the Thermoforming Division, 1986 onward Council Member


The Citadel
B.A. Political Science

The Citadel
Graduate Studies


The Society of Plastics Engineers is in a transitional time. It has had to adapt to a world where the traditional method of conducting business has been almost eliminated. Revenue streams have shrunk, new ones are being developed and our business model must adapt to this new environment. This requires flexibility and the ability to embrace new ideas and concepts. 

My experience in the manufacturing world has given me many of the skills needed for this position. Transforming a small plastics company into one of the leading thermoformers in the United States required vision and dedication as well as close attention to planning and detail. 

As Managing Partner for Plastic Concepts & Innovations, I have helped many companies, foreign and domestic, to improve their processes and operations. Introducing innovative approaches to today’s challenges is an integral part of my consulting practice. 

I took over as the COO of a failing, private, non-profit, four-year liberal arts college, and under my leadership, the college became both profitable and accredited in eight years.  Saving and then rebuilding the college required changes to practically every aspect of the institution:  implementing new best practices, technological efficiencies and staff training were all part of my approach to operational improvement.

As a member of the SPE Thermoforming Division Board for over 32 years, I have chaired conferences, participated in most committees, and served as Division Councilor for the past six years.  My SPE tenure and successes with start-up companies, turn-around ventures, and industrial expansion projects give me a unique perspective from the business side that is needed for the Society to continue to move forward.

During my tenure on the SPE Board of Directors, as Treasurer, I was instrumental in achieving 3 major goals.

First, assisting the CEO in creating the position of COO. This relieved the CEO of daily operational activities and allowed him to focus more on larger issues.

Second, I was instrumental in getting the technical education leader position established and funded. This was important for the strategic goals of the Society and has resulted in a large increase in presentations and educational opportunities.

Third, the 3dNative initiative was a major achievement for the Society and I was a key proponent of the plan along with the other members of the team. This was a major step from what the Society had been doing and I believe the Society will need additional initiatives to grow.

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Anti-Trust Statement

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