Unpackaging a Brand: A Look Inside the New SPE

We are excited to announce the launch of our new brand identity and relaunch of the SPE website.
By Patrick Farrey

A few months after a group of 60 engineers founded the Society of Plastics Sales Engineers, the group's leader, Fred Conley, realized that in order for the society to be successful, he needed to change his strategy. He decided to rename SPSE to what we know today as SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers). It leaves one wondering, if Mr. Conley hadn't recognized the necessity for change, would SPE have been around to celebrate its 75th anniversary this past year?

Who we are as a society and industry is dif­ferent today than it was 75 or 5 0 or 2 5 or even one year ago. Our members are no longer only engineers that live and work in North Ameri­ca. They are plastics professionals that work throughout the plastics industry value chain worldwide-including scientists, technical per­sonnel, and senior executives. Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds, age, gender, educational experiences, majors, interests, motivations, as well as levels of pri­or knowledge and skills. We number 22,500+ members from 84 countries. We celebrate the diversity of our community and support the professional journey of every one of our mem­bers.

This month, we unveil SPE's new brand identity and logo. Our new logo and brand tagline "Inspiring Plastics Professionals" capture who SPE is today. We are inspired by our members' impact; those who make a profound difference in the plastics com­munity every day. This inspiration fuels our passion to help them succeed and to guide them to the answers they need, connect them to colleagues/men­tors and relevant trends, and champion their efforts to address the most pressing chal­lenges within our industry. Together, we form the future of each member who in turn forms the society.

New Website

Along with announcing our new brand iden­tity, we are proud to launch our newly redesigned website. We built it with our mem­bers in mind, streamlining menus and simplifying navigation. This allows us to deliv­er rich content in a clean and organized way. It will also provide easy access to join, renew membership, download articles or research, register for an event, or utilize one of the many other SPE benefits. Our new website is "responsive" so that it dynamically resizes no matter what device you are using.

The new website and brand identity reflect who SPE is and our members are: unique, inspiring, energetic, and forward-looking. Go to 4spe.org to view our new look.

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