Pinnacle — Outreach
(A Society that Impacts Society)



Excellence in Category = 50% of metrics completed in:
1 category (Bronze); 2 Categories (Silver); 3 Categories (Gold)

Category 1: Recognized within the local community

  • Community training on relevant topics in the world of plastics (talks, forums, town halls)
  • Provided tutoring / mentorship
  • Supported / Participated in Student group activities such as science fairs or job fairs
  • Established / maintained Communication channels to the public (website, blog or town halls)

Category 2: Invite members of other organizations or the community to participate in joint functions

  • Invite Non-SPE members to SPE-driven activities
  • Hold a Joint session at ANTEC or at a TOPCON
  • Jointly plan and run a TOPCON
  • Promote corporate partnering for group activities
  • Establish succession plan for governance with focus on newer members
  • Report annual list of new members

Category 3: Organize opportunities filled with purpose for the individual and the community

  • Identify and organize opportunities with purpose (Habitat for Humanity, Food Kitchen, Adopt-a-Highway and etc.)
  • Provide documentation on number of members participating, size of the event and frequency of the event
  • Provide a demonstrated link to SPE (how was community awareness advanced)
  • Provide written communication from community host organization recognizing SPE participation in the event