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SPE Member Group Funding Request


Procedure for Application for Financial Aid by SPE Chapters


Request Funding


SPE wants all its affiliate groups – Sections, Divisions and SIGs – to grow and prosper. It is recognized that, from time to time, some of these Chapters may need an infusion of additional funds. An application form has been developed to facilitate this procedure so that justification in written form can be sent to the Executive Board.

The request will be evaluated by the Executive Board (EB) and the Finance Committee (FC) regarding the relevance of the request to the overall mission of SPE and the availability of the requested funds. An answer to the request will be provided by the EB no later than 30 days after submission.

It is important to bear in mind that SPE is a business. There are periods when SPE has does not have excess reserve funds. During such times, SPE may not be able to support fund allocation to its Chapters. Another potential resource for a group needing support is to seek assistance from one of the stronger Chapters.

Approach the issue as if you were trying to get capital from within your own business or from a bank. If you were the loan officer, would you support the funding requested? The way to answer this is first to demonstrate what the need is relative to your Chapter and SPE in general. Second, your application should show how the funding will be paid back to SPE with a time table and a specific plan. This essentially requires that the application convinces the evaluators of how your Chapter will generate the funds necessary to repay the loan and when the payment would be expected.

Any request should have a positive answer to at least one, preferably more, of the following questions:

  • Will the funds lead to substantially higher member retention or more SPE new members?
  • Will the results of granting the funds lead to future financial returns for SPE?
  • Will the loan be used to develop materials or resources that will have added value to SPE and its membership?

Before spending substantial effort on these endeavors, it would be prudent to discuss any request with the appropriate members of the EB on the potential relevance of any request.

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