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Best Practices - Technical Programming

  • Create technical focus groups to identify and then track emerging or non-mainstream technologies that fall under or parallel to the overall umbrella of the group’s interest.
  • Establish local, inexpensive, ½ day forums called Mini-Techs that are advertised to a geographical location that provide an update on key topics of relevance to the group’s membership. This can be held in conjunction with a Section meeting to promote attendance.
  • Consider scheduling face to face TPC paper review meetings to review and select papers for podium presentations.
  • Utilize memoriums and honorariums to boost attendance at technical conferences.
  • Consider hosting a joint session with another professional society to introduce SPE to a new audience.
  • Develop a strong network of speakers that can bridge the gap between your area of expertise and that of other groups in the Society. These speakers can be strong attractions as keynotes in joint sessions.
  • Every SPE group that organizes an event should create a user-friendly URL to use in marketing materials, industry calendar listings, etc. For example, the “Design in Plastics" conference came up with the URL For the second year of the event, simply add the year to the end of the previous URL, i.e., — which allows that page to remain live (and be easily found), while retaining the initial, user-friendly web address for the most recent event.
  • Every event also should develop social-media handles to include in the event marketing materials, on its website, in the on-site program, and in the transition slides used between sessions at the event itself. These need constant reinforcement, and attendees need to be encouraged to Tweet and post about the event before, during and after.
  • Invite world renown and experienced speakers to give invited presentations at ANTEC to help to increase attendance to your respective sessions.