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Best Practices - Revenue Generation

  • Sponsorships is the easiest form of revenue generation. Companies can be solicited to sponsor networking events, newsletters, ANTEC sessions, technical conferences, websites, etc. There is no limit to what can be sponsored and prices can range based on the length of time and visibility that is provided. Sponsorship opportunities can be in the form of advertising space, placards, brochures, logo displays, name mentions or actual time to promote their products.   Starting with sponsorship from the organizations of respective Board members is a good place to start.
  • Maximize attendee registrations to conferences by allowing strategic attendees to attend for free. As example, the Detroit Section allows OEM’s to attend their conference for free knowing that many other people will attend simply to have an opportunity to speak with them.
  • Utilize SPE’s framework to host lunchtime chats where a nominal fee is paid to hear a 30-60 minute technical talk relevant to the members of your group.
  • Running a golf tournament is a great way to raise funds for scholarships and other endeavors. A few tips to increase your probabilities of success are as follows: keep the date constant year over year so it becomes a calendar event, give out lots of door prizes so there is inherently a draw, reach out to golf companies as they typically sponsor charity events at reduced rates if your group qualifies, get sponsors for every hole, driving range, putting green, etc, try to secure a platinum sponsor and brag about them whenever you can for months before and months after the tournament and finally choose a nice course that will inherently draw a big crowd.