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Best Practices - Awards & Recognition

  • Groups can solicit corporate sponsorship to underwrite an honorarium (typically $1,000) for achievement based awards. The achievements are typically related to significant contributions to advance an area of polymer processing. These awards are visibly promoted and given out at a major event.
  • Best Paper Awards, often in the form of a cash prize and plaque, are an effective way to encourage high quality submissions to your particular Division. Awards should be visibly promoted and given out at a subsequent major event.
  • Several groups recognize leaders in their field of work on an annual basis. Generally these awards are related to a specific industry or technical specialty and are often named after pioneers in the field. Awards in this category would include “Lifetime Achievement”, “X of the Year”, “Best X Under 40”, etc.
  • Awards & Recognition can come in many forms and it does not need to cost a lot of money to be effective. Promoting a member of the month on your website or posting notable achievements in your email or newsletters are all great examples that will inspire and motivate your membership. Also, several groups have readily available templates to print certificates that are handed out to presenters at conferences. In this area, a little goes a long way.