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Best Practices - Publications & Promotions

  • Require BoD members to author at least one article per year for the newsletter that is appropriate and may be of interest to the group membership.
  • The relevancy of newsletters can be improved by including editorial content that is practical and focused for the targeted audience. For example, the Extrusion Division runs a column called “Extrusion Hints” that offers simple and practical ideas that are often overlooked during daily operations.
  • Some Divisions publish their ANTEC best papers in their newsletter.
  • Consider publishing book reviews, aimed at subject areas of the highest interest to the group’s membership.
  • Include a discussion group on the group’s website where members can post a question and be connected to someone with a solution/answer.
  • The Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology is supported by the Vinyl Division, Polymer Modifiers & Additives Division and the New Jersey Palisades Section.
  • The Journal of Applied Medical Products is supported by the Medical Plastics Division.
  • The Journal of Injection Molding Technology is supported by the Injection Molding Division.
  • Consider serializing an excellent book in your newsletter that speaks to your group’s focus. It is an easy way to add fantastic content to your newsletter and to start a dialogue.