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Best Practices - Operations

  • Many groups have created policy manuals that cover the respective policies and operations of the groups. These manuals many include descriptions of standing committees, operation procedures for activities and ruling guidelines by the Board of Directors.
  • Consider providing the Chairperson a yearly discretionary fund to meet the emergency needs of the group.
  • Consider requiring the Chairperson-Elect serve as TPC and/or Conference Chair.
  • Consider requiring the Chairperson-Elect serve as the Pinnacle Award application chair.
  • Consider appointing two people with signatory ability on checks to make payment to outside parties faster and easier.
  • Many groups include Councilor’s travel costs in their operating budgets in the instance their respective companies may not cover their expenses.
  • Identify the companies that are most relevant to your group and identify the highest ranking person that your group knows within that company. After you identify them, approach them and mention that they are too big, too important to your particular discipline not to have someone on your Board. Sell the value of your group and ask them to identify an individual that can sit on your Board. Once established, send thank you letters to keep the channels of communication open.
  • Allow Sponsor of your TopCon to invite 5 customers to the conference at a reduced price in an effort to increase exposure and potentially drive membership.
  • When hosting a technical conference that includes a tabletop exhibition, try to maximize the traffic/exposure for the exhibitors by having the conference breaks, lunch and receptions co-located in the same room as the tabletop exhibitors
  • Be relentless in promoting your group as well as SPE in general. Consider exhibiting at trade events related to your specific discipline where you can promote the benefits of joining.
  • Partner with other Divisions, Sections and other trade organizations to host joint manufacturing tours and technical events that are of interest to existing and potential members to get your word out to the largest extent possible.