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Best Practices - Community Outreach

  • Investigate utilizing the PlastiVan which helps educate school age children about the benefits of plastics while dispelling some commonly held misconceptions. Contact SPE headquarters for more information
  • Utilize Dr. Polly Polymer and the Fantastic Plastics Factory to introduce important learning concepts related to Plastics. This program is distributed to 4th, 5th and 6th classrooms throughout the country. Contact SPE headquarters for more information.
  • Volunteering at local science fairs is a great way to promote SPE and get some publicity. They are always in need of judges and eagerly accept volunteers. It is also possible to sponsor awards as such events for the best project as well as the sponsoring teacher. You can contact your local school districts for more information and timing.
  • Several universities with Material Science or Polymer Engineering programs have community outreach programs to educate children about the world of materials. These programs are routinely visited by several thousand local youth so the program managers are looking for more and updated content. Reach out to schools and ask if you could set up a table to promote your field of expertise related to polymer processing.