The NNTC affiliate of TASNEE will launch a training program in classroom and practice for one full day on the injection molding process. Through completing the training you will:
  • Understand the scientific injection molding principles
  • Achieve higher yield and lower material consumption
  • Optimize process cycle time
  • Achieve better flow control with no weld lines or surface flaws

Injection Molding Training Topics:

  • Introduction to Scientific Processing
  • Polymers and Plastics
  • Plastic Flow
  • Distance b/w Tie-bars and Mold Height (minimum-maximum)
  • Drying of Plastics
  • Trouble-shooting and Related Topics
Tuesday, July 17, 2019
Registration Fee:
$510 per attendee (US Dollars)
Seats are limited.
Technology and Innovation Center
Jubail Industrial, Supporting Area
Road 100
Kingdome of Saudi Arabia
None - Experience in injection molding is desirable.
Session Presenter:
Mohammed Ghanchi
Mohammed Ghanchi is a plastic industry professional with 23 years of experience, including 15 years with leading U.S. based Medical and Electronic Device manufacturers. He was conducting company-wide training on Scientific Injection Molding courses. His expertise is in plastic processing as well as managing tooling side of Injection Molds. He has managed molds projects from tool design, tool building, to tool validation, trial and production. Mohammed graduated from the Pittsburgh State University, Kansas with Honors in Plastics Technologies in 1995.