WEBINAR: iMFLUX’s Novel Low, Constant Pressure Molding Technology Overcomes Traditional Barriers to Achieving a Truly Sustainable, Circular Operation

June 17, 2020 at 11:00am–Noon EDT
Webinar via Zoom

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One of the biggest challenges facing the plastics industry today, is the need for technology solutions that enable a Circular Economy. This is especially true for injection molded parts, where operational tradeoffs are often encountered when running many sustainable materials. iMFLUX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, offers a novel injection molding technology they refer to as the “Green Curve” which uses low, constant plastic pressure to fill an injection mold. Gene Altonen, iMFLUX’s CTO, will share how this new technology addresses the key challenges molders face to deliver truly sustainable, circular solutions for their customers. Examples will be provided illustrating how this new approach to molding offers the ability to efficiently run post-consumer recycle and composites, substantially reduce energy use, and enable more sustainable part designs and materials. iMFLUX is collaborating with machine makers, material suppliers, educators, mold designers, data platforms, and sustainability industry associations to enable molders to benefit from the unique advantages this new technology provides.”

About Speaker

Gene Altonen joined the Procter & Gamble Company in June 1990 after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University’s School of Packaging. Gene has spent his entire 30-year career developing innovative new product & packaging solutions, and holds more than 50 patents and has more than 50 patent applications pending. He spent the early portions of his career in P&G’s Beauty Care business, and later transitioned to an upstream corporate innovation role specializing in injection molding. In 2012 he invented a new approach to injection molding plastics that uses constant plastic pressure, rather than the traditional approach of velocity controlled processing. This processing invention provides many breakthrough advantages and eventually became the basis for the iMFLUX Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, which focusses on transforming the future of injection molding using this novel approach to plastic processing. Gene has been iMFLUX’s chief technology officer since 2015.

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