SPE and ICIPC to Launch Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad

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DANBURY, CT. USA. MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA —June 22, 2020: SPE and the ICIPC - Instituto de Capacitacion e Investigacion del Plastico y del Caucho –announced they are joining together to launch the first Plastics Forum as a virtual event. Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad, taking place online September 17-18, will be SPE’s first all-Spanish language conference and will be the society’s first collaboration with ICIPC, Acoplásticos and other Colombian institutions.

“Launching Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad as a virtual event makes sense as attendees from any location will be able to participate without having to travel,” said Patrick Farrey, SPE’s CEO. “This joint effort between SPE, ICIPC and ACOPLASTICOS signifies a global partnership that looks deeply at polymers and plastics as used around the world. As an educational event our unified goal is to provide intelligence about the plastics industry from an international and economic standpoint to everyone no matter where they are located.”

“One of SPE’s goals as co-developer of the Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad is to provide applicable information that can help widen business and investment opportunities,” said Farrey. “We’re excited to be working with ICIPC to develop the most accessible, engaging, and educational program possible.”

Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad will feature a group of international speakers and experts, and will focus on innovations and uses of plastics and polymers, with an emphasis on new technologies and manufacturing trends and how the circular economy and sustainability are a fundamental part of the development of the industry and its value chain.

For Daniel Mitchell, Executive President of ACOPLASTICOS, “the plastics industry is one of the economic activities with the greatest transformation challenges, especially given the inevitable transition towards the circular economy and a new era the industry. That is why the Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad agenda focuses precisely on these issues. We hope it will be an event of great importance and the first of many more that we will jointly develop with the ICIPC and SPE."

Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad will be held prior to “The Plastic Week 2020”, an online event which will be organized by Acoplásticos, the Colombian Plastics Industry Association, from September 21 to 25. It will include trade forums that will showcase news on machinery and raw materials, a mission of international buyers, investment rounds with entrepreneurs in the Colombian plastics recycling market, among other activities.

“Without a doubt, the first edition of the Plastics Forum will be a great opportunity to promote the knowledge that all our Spanish speaking research community has regarding plastics, polymer processing, sustainability and new manufacturing trends,” said Juan Camilo Velasquez, General Director of the ICIPC.

“This is the result of a relationship between ICIPC and SPE that began several years ago.  ICIPC and SPE started to plan this event in 2019 with the cooperation of Dr. Jaime Gómez, SPE President 2020-2021. One of the objectives of this event is to show the impact of Latin-Americans in the world of plastics.   The virtual edition allows us to offer the industry premium speakers that, in other circumstances, would practically impossible to have,” said Dr. Iván López, Technical and Scientific Director of ICIPC.

For more details and information about Plastics Forum 2020: Nuevas Tecnologías y Sostenibilidad please go to www.4spe.org/plasticsforum.

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Instituto De Capacitacion E Investigacion Del Plastico Y Caucho (ICIPC) The Institute for the Plastic and Rubber Research and Training (ICIPC by its Spanish acronym) is a non-profit organization located in Medellin, Colombia with 27 years of experience focused on delivering applied research solutions and high added-value services in material science, polymer processing and sustainability for the Latin American markets. www.icipc.org Phone +574 3116478

ACOPLASTICOS, founded in 1961, is the trade association that represents the plastic, petrochemical, basic chemical, paint, rubber, inks, and fiber industries in Colombia. www.acoplasticos.org  Phone: +571 3460655

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