SPE and the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment Focus on Removing Barriers to Inclusion


March 2019  -  SPE is proud to become a founding member of the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment Focus on Removing Barriers to Inclusion

Through partnering with more than one hundred other leading societies to form the Societies Consortium on Sexual Harassment in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine), SPE's involvement in the Consortium will address sexual and gender-based issues to ensure that all individuals may work in STEMM industries in a safe and welcoming environment.
“Harassment and discrimination, in any form or for any reason, undermine the core principles of ethics, equality and diversity. By joining forces with other leading STEMM focused societies, SPE will serve as a change-agent toward removing the barriers to inclusion from the plastics industry,” says Patrick Farrey, CEO of SPE. 
Members of the Consortium will collaborate in the development of shared resources, which will be made available to all their collective members. These will include professional and ethical conduct policies and procedures to combat issues of harassment. 
“SPE is an inclusive society of plastics professionals who work throughout the plastics industry value chain – scientists, engineers, technical personnel and senior executives across the spectrum of education, gender, culture and age.” said Farrey. “We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the tools necessary to meet her or his personal and professional goals. The work of this Consortium will create even greater awareness of the issues being faced and the available solutions which will benefit everyone.”

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The Societies Consortium supports academic and professional disciplinary societies in fulfilling their mission-driven roles as standard bearers and standard setters for excellence in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medical (STEMM) fields, addressing sexual harassment in all forms and intersectionalities.

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