SPE Joins Pworld Technology PVT LTD and Polymerupdate as Organizing Partner for Recycling and Circular Economy Conferences

Contact: Chris Barry, cbarry@4spe.org, +1 203.740.5414

SPE, SPE’s India Section and SPE’s Recycling Division have been named collaborating organizers with Pworld Technology PVT LTD and Polymerupdate for an upcoming series of Recycling and Circular Economy (RACE) conferences. Three RACE conferences, each taking place virtually, have been announced for 2021 and early 2022: RACE Asia (July 15-16, 2021); RACE Americas (October 7-8, 2021); and RACE Europe (January 20-21, 2022). RACE conferences, which were launched in 2019, are focused on innovative ways to help the planet heal through recycling and shifting from a linear to a circular economy.

“SPE and our India and Recycling Chapters are excited to be contributing organizers of the RACE events,” said Patrick Farrey, SPE CEO. “Through the amazing work of RACE team producers and organizers, these events are growing in stature, bringing together recycling experts from around the world for peer-to-peer interaction and to share ideas focused on important topics that impact everyone on a global level.”

According to RACE Founder and CEO, Sajjid Mitha, the RACE series of conferences was originally developed to explore how new technologies are enabling an increase in plastics recycling as well as adding value to recycled materials.

“While RACE conferences are a sure way to better your knowledge and to gain deeper insight into the all-important subject of recycling, our goal is to ensure that companies are contributing effectively toward a better and more sustainable world for our children,” said Mitha. “On the most fundamental level, for those who care about our planet, RACE conferences are for you.”

Topics covered at RACE events include global innovations in recycling; plastic waste management systems, rules, and policies; petrochemical companies and how they are driving advancements in recycling; supply chain considerations; production of circular economy chemicals; ethical practices for recycled plastics amid COVID-19; impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on medical plastics waste and finding solutions to challenges; COVID-19 and the global circular economy scenario; and more.

“What’s most impressive is the timely nature of the topics available at each of the RACE conferences,” said Conor Carlin, SPE’s VP Sustainability. “At RACE events, plastics, recycling, and circular economy professionals from around the world can promote their research, while discovering the benefits of recycled plastics as a highly valuable and sustainable material for a wide array of global applications.”

RACE conferences attract a range of attendees including polymer producers, plastics processors, plastics recyclers, waste management specialists, industry associations, non-governmental organizations, consultants, plastics recycling machinery and equipment suppliers, and plastic material suppliers and compounders.

For more information about the RACE conferences please view the RACE video at https://youtu.be/nZ7oK8RzanI.

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About Pworld Technology PVT LTD
PWorld Technology Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of developing, maintaining and operating E-commerce platforms to facilitate retail trade in polymers, chemicals, petroleum, and related products. Asia's first and most popular and dynamic E-commerce platform for polymer trade - PolymerExchange is a widely used PWorld Tech product. Owners of the RACE (Recycling And the Circular Economy) conference brand, PWorld Tech hosts industry related global conclaves and seminars regularly, for knowledge sharing and networking.

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