2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

Candidates for Board of Directors

2024 Candidates for Board of Directors - Mazhar Said, Ph.D.

2024 Election for SPE Board of Directors

MazhaR Said, Ph.D.


SPE Director Nominee


Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire, Manager New Product Development MagForceX Innovation Center
 - Present — 5 years 7 months

Indiana, United States

I lead a group of scientists & engineers with a mission to develop novel & disruptive technologies/materials to support our current business initiatives developing & executing innovation strategies across the global organization to facilitate scientific excellence. Developed and utilized state-of-the-art tools including molecular engineering methodologies, adjacency strategies, and open innovation to leverage scientific programs to develop and support novel products and manufacturing processes. Supervised strategic publication of relevant research, developed and managed extensive networks of global experts, and implemented collaborative programs with internal & external experts to drive transformational innovation across our global, multi-billion dollar organization.

Superior Essex, Manager New Product Development
 - 1 year 1 month

United States

Led a team of engineers & scientists & developed products & processes for electrical, electronic & electric vehicles, polymer synthesis, formulations & process scale-up. Captured & processed IP opportunities to protect technology & capture competitive advantage.

American Dental Association, Director / Assistant Director Materials / Medical Devices / Oral Care Products
 - 15 years 5 months

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Assisted the Council on Scientific Affairs in administering the ADA Seal of Acceptance Program and disseminating scientific information to the public and profession on dental products, polymers, adhesives, and related FDA regulatory issues. Dentists and consumers have long recognized the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance as an important symbol of a dental product's safety and effectiveness. For more than 125 years, the ADA has sought to promote the safety and effectiveness of dental products. The ADA Seal of Acceptance program began in 1930. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan gave the Association a certificate of commendation for the outstanding self-regulatory efforts of its Seal program. Americans recognize the ADA Seal of Acceptance as the gold standard when it comes to evaluating the safety and efficacy of dental products. Evaluation of pharmaceutical ingredients. Natural ingredients and colorants.

ITW, Senior Product Development Polymer Chemist
2000-2001 — 1 Year

Glenview, IL, United States

Synthesized & compounded polymers, membranes, composites, security inks, adhesives, films for use in electronics, aerospace applications, encapsulants, automotive, food production, tubing, medical devices, US Department of Treasury, Corning, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, General Motors, Ford & Chrysler. Oversaw technical direction and support for global sales and expansion for new markets’-aligned engineering department to support manufacturing plants, including manufacturing automation to reduce costs. Analyzed competitive activity/threats. 

Gas Technology Institute, Senior Polymer Scientist
1999-2000 — 1 Year

Des Plaines, IL

Worked on a Department of Energy-funded project that developed, evaluated, extruded & scaled up polymer membranes/films for Fuel Cells. [power generation]. Compounding, synthesis, purification, sulfonation, phosphonation, testing, evaluation & cost analysis of ABPBI [poly (2, benzimidazole)] high-temperature membranes. 

IPI Medical/Smith's Medical, Director Polymer Research/Regulatory/Quality

Chicago, IL, United States

Compounded, Injection molded & extruded polymers & composites tubing for anesthesia breathing circuits and airway management systems, ventilator circuits, handheld nebulizers, oxygen masks, humidifier systems for inhalation, water for inhalation, and endotracheal tube holders. Managed and negotiated FDA compliance and approval of existing and new compounded polymers. Developed and maintained business relationships with internal and external business partners. Negotiated & resolved regulatory issues with FDA. 

Ferris Mfg. Corp./3M, Director Research/Regulatory/Quality Control

Ridge, IL, United States

  • Compounded & developed diagnostic electrodes, and wound care polymers for medical applications. 
  • Completed ISO 9000/CE mark certifications, FDA approval of polymers & medical devices. 
  • Developed new manufacturing equipment for manufacturing diagnostic electrodes, polymers, composites, collagen, hydrocolloid, and alginate wound dressings for chronic/surgical wounds, tracheostomy, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and burns. 
  • Optimized production control, logistics and quality, warranty, and information systems. 
  • Launched partnerships with leading medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Liaised with scientists in government, industry, and other associations. 

Stimsonite Corporation/Avery Dennison, Senior Polymer Engineer

Niles, IL, United States

  • Compounded high-performance retro-reflective polymers, fluoropolymers, composites & polymer blends designed for maximum day and night conspicuity and intended for use as road markers, traffic signs, and airport runway systems, resulting in safer driving conditions and aircraft landing. 
  • Improved and developed polymer films for optical, micro-replication, and medical applications. 
  • Designed a research program to provide competitive intelligence for strategic planning/marketing. 
  • Identified and proposed specific advanced technology partnerships. 

Polyplastex United/Schneller Inc./Boeing, Senior Polymer Scientist
1992-1994 — 2 years

Florida, United States

  • Increased value in product-line and finalized sale of Polyplastex United to Schneller Inc.
  • Compounded, developed, and formulated new polymers for aircraft interiors using proprietary, copolymers setting new standards in aircraft safety by reducing smoke and heat release per FAA requirements for Boeing, Airbus Industries, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Swissair, Cathay Pacific, KLM, and Lufthansa.
  • Held technical authority for all facilities, establishing and enforcing design standards.
  • Co-ordinated technical information globally providing centralized data to plants, reducing overall project costs while increasing sales. Quality management system to conform to ISO 9000.

Breed Technologies/Siemens/CLP Inc., Senior Polymer Development Engineer

New York, NY, United States

  • Consolidated product line and completed sale of the company to Private Equity Investors.
  • Compounded & tested polymer composite materials, coatings for medical devices, spill containment systems for hazardous liquids, aerial fuel transfer systems & composites for Marines & Air Force. flexible polymer tanks for wine producers, NASCAR & formula one race cars.

SPE Positions Held

No Positions Held.


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
BF Goodrich Post Doctorate Research Fellow

Synthesis, formulations, processing & molecular engineering of polymers.
Advisors: Professors Eli Pearce. Edward Weil. Herman F Mark
Industrial Advisor: Dr Marcello Hirschler Director Research BF Goodrich

Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd
Polymer Chemistry & Engineering, British Ministry of Defense Research Fellow

Activities and Societies: Member ACS, Chartered Chemist Royal Chemical Society, Squash Club

Thesis: Diffusion in Cellulosic Polymers.
British Ministry of Defense Research Fellow
Academic Advisors: Professors Geoffrey S.Park. David R. Williams OBE & P.J.F Griffiths OBE.

Industrial Advisor: Dr Thomas Lewis, Senior Scientist British Ministry of Defense

Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd
Bsc Magna Cum Laude, Polymer Chemistry & Technology

Activities and Societies: Cardiff Squash Club, Polymer Club, Royal Chemical Society, Institute of Materials

Research Project: “Polymeric Contractile Systems”.
Polymers that undergo changes in structures and properties in response to a change in pH.were investigated.
Tutor/Mentor: Professors John Lewis & P.J.F Griffiths OBE.
Industrial Mentor: Dr Richard Kronenthal Ethicon Corporation NJ


Director of American Dental Association, where I provided results & presentations to the American Dental Association’s Council of Scientific Affairs on product submissions, research agenda, genetics testing, and emerging science issues from 2001 to 2016 three times per year. Patents & Publications: Systems & Methods for Forming Magnet Wire Insulation US11,488,775B2. 2023 Systems & Methods for Forming Magnet Wire Insulation US 11,488,774B2. 2023 Magnet Wire with Corona-resistant Polyimide Insulation US 20220254542A1. 2022 Magnet Wire with Thermoplastic Insulation US 20220044839A1. 2022 Polymeric Insulating Films US20210102068A1. 2021 Magnet Wire with Flexible Corona resistant Insulation US20220262541A1. 2021 Edward D. Weil, Marcelo M. Hirschler, M M. Said, Navin Patel, Saleem Shakir,"Oxygen Index: Correlation to Other Fire Tests.” Fire and Materials Vol.16, 1992 John Wiley & Sons 1992. Edward D. Weil, Marcelo M. Hirschler, M M. Said, Navin Patel, Saleem Shakir,"What Does Oxygen Index Relate To? Seventh International Conference on Fire Safety San Francisco January 1992. P J Griffiths, P. Gandhi, G S. Park, M M. Said "Interferometric Studies of Interdiffusion in Polymer/Solvent Systems". Plastic and Rubber Institute's Second International Conference on Diffusion in Polymers University of Reading England Britain 1988. G S Park, M M. Said, Chapter 30 in "Cellulose and its Derivatives" Eds.Kennedy.J.F. Phillips. G.O. Wedlock. D.J. Williams.P.A., Ellis Harwood Ltd 1985. G S. Park, M M. Said, "Aspects of Diffusion in Nitrocellulose" Proc.Cellucon 84 Wrexham 1984.Ellis Harwood Ltd. G S. Park, M M. Said, "Diffusion and Relaxation Rates of Nitrocellulose". IUPAC Conference Athens Greece 1982.

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