Simform Announced as SPE Preferred Partner

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) recently announced SimForm as an SPE Preferred Partner. A SPE Preferred Partner is a converter, manufacturer, solutions provider, or product distributor that has been recognized by SPE for demonstrated leadership and innovation in the plastics industry. Their products and services are valuable to SPE’s members. 

SimForm, a Maya HTT app, gives mold makers and molders the power to predict mold and part temperatures, while allowing the best mold design decisions, especially regarding cooling. Developed by engineering and industry software development experts, SimForm puts easy thermal simulation in the hands of mold designers. This leads to more efficient molds with reduced cycle time and reduced development risk, cost, and lead time.

"Better thinking, better future" is not just a slogan for Maya HTT. It is the vision behind the software they develop. Millions of people around the world use Maya HTT software every day and depend on it for designing, developing, and manufacturing better products.

"We consider our clients' success a necessity to our own success, whether the challenges they face are in adopting new technologies or knowing where to start with new solutions,” said Jacob Harris, Vice-President of Software Products at Maya HTT. “We put our extensive software development and thermal engineering experience to create SimForm for the plastic injection mold design industry. We make it easy to use because that's what's needed for the industry players to keep competitive pace with the state of the art, and to see the success over the challenges of today and tomorrow."

SimForm is a web-based app, meaning there is no software to install and no need for expensive computers. All updates are available instantly and for free. The app is tailored to non-simulation experts. There's no need to prepare CAD geometry or mesh the model. Because it was developed specifically for those users, the interface is extremely simple and users are up and running within minutes, without any paid training. This makes it easy to integrate within current workflow without any complexity or cost.

SimForm leverages GPU technology so you get answers in minutes. As a cloud-based solution, SimForm offers pay-per-use pricing that significantly reduces your financial risk. You no longer pay every year for software licenses you don't use. And, because SimForm leverages the latest safety protocols, your data stays protected.

“The engineering world has changed tremendously. From traditional manual techniques for design and testing, industry now achieves better efficiencies and savings through simulation, digital solutions and 3D printing,” said Michael Greskiewicz, SPE’s Director, Sales & Advertising. “The multidisciplinary expertise that went into building SimForm's Mold Cooling app helps plastic injection mold designers achieve reliably better outcomes faster, and at a lower cost. SimForm’s participation as an SPE Preferred Partner contributes to the growth of this program for our members.”


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About SimForm
SimForm, a Maya HTT app, puts thermal simulation in the hands of mold designers. Developed by engineering and industry software development experts, SimForm gives mold designers the power to predict mold temperatures and make the best mold design decisions. This leads to more efficient molds, reduced development risk, and increased client satisfaction. Visit

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