Fabio Peyer

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The Foundational Role of Design to Drive a Circular Economy for Flexible Plastic Packaging 

Fabio Peyer, Sustainability Director, Amcor

Abstract: Design for recycling has become an imperative for CPG companies and their supply chain partners alike, and is a key component of many companies’ pledges for the environment. What may appear to be a mere R&D project at first, quickly becomes a more intricate undertaking for formats like flexible packaging for which collection and recycling programs are still developing. Increasingly, packaging designers are faced with the challenge of designing packaging today for the infrastructure of the future. This presentation will unpack the recycling equation in its main constituents (design, collection, end markets, and consumer participation) and zoom in on the role of forward-looking design guidelines to drive positive system outcomes. The session will take a closer look at how the packaging value chain is coming together to bridge the infrastructure gap for flexible plastic packaging.

Biography: Fabio Peyer is Sustainability Director with Amcor. In his current position, Fabio is leading the product sustainability activities in the Americas for the flexible packaging business, as well as the corporate social responsibility and environmental programs in that region. Fabio played a key role in operationalizing life cycle thinking in the Amcor’s product development process and in leveraging eco-design to create customer value. Over the years, he has been involved in a number of design for recycling projects and participated to industry working groups on this subject. He is originally from Switzerland and holds a master’s degree in environmental chemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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