Polina R. Ware

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Emerging Technologies that are Changing the Future

Polina R. Ware, PhD, Global Director of Research and Development Elastomeric Materials Solutions (EMS), Rogers Corporation

Abstract: As a global leader in specialty engineering materials, Rogers Corporation enables emerging technologies that support circular economy, including electric vehicles, clean energy, and advanced connectivity. As an example, in the electric vehicle market, our battery pad solutions allow electric batteries to withstand the stress of fluctuating compression, temperature and prevent thermal runaway. Elastomeric pads are adjacent to the failure point and serve as the first line of defense for delaying thermal runaway. Rogers designs elastomeric materials that are simultaneously compressible and provide thermal runway protection. As we look into the future, sustainability is our conner stone. We look at continuous innovation and technologies such as 3D printing and chemical recycling as a lever to reduce or eliminate our waste. As scientists and engineers, we must leverage innovation to develop technologies that enable circularity and future that is more green, more digital, and more inclusive – because it has to be.

Biography: Dr. Polina R. Ware is a Global Director of Research and Development for Elastomeric Materials Solutions (EMS) business at Rogers Corporation. Dr. Ware holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from University of Massachusetts Amherst with the focus on process-structure-property relationships of polymeric systems. Prior to joining Rogers Corporation, Dr. Ware held a number of leadership roles at LANXESS, 3M and IBM. Dr. Ware is passionate about discovering and launching chemical technologies that change the world for the better and enable circular economy including electric vehicles, clean energy, and advanced connectivity.

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