National Week of Plastics Processing
National Week of Plastics Processing

Trends and Innovations in Plastics Processing and Recycling


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Recorded Presentations for Wednesday, April 20, 2022


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Welcome and Opening Remarks
Gregory Treich, Ph.D.
Applied Technology Scientist


8:30 AM-9:00 AM
Contrasting Single and Twin-Screw Extruders
Kirk Cantor, PhD
Professor, Plastics & Polymer Technology
Pennsylvania College of Technology
9:00 AM-9:30 AM
Managing Melt Temperature in a Twin Screw Extruder
Brian Haight
Assistant Lab Manager
Leistritz Extrusion
9:30 AM-10:00AM
Low Shear Screw Elements on WPC Compounding Process to Improve Output and Properties
Haikun Xu
Process Engineer
KraussMaffei Corporation
10:00 AM-10:15 AM

Sustainability & Mechanical Recycling

10:15 AM-10:45 AM
Mechanical Recycling Is Not Going Away. Why?
Marisabel Dolan
Senior Consultant
NexantECA, Energy and Chemicals Advisory
10:45 AM-11:15 AM
CirKular+ Performance Enhancement Additives for Plastics Upcycling and Circular Economy
Freddy Vervoort
Staff Scientist
Kraton Polymers
11:15 AM-11:45 AM
Achieving Radical Transparency in Plastics Circularity
Sukhdeep Sethi
AVI Global Plast Pvt. Ltd
11:45 AM-12:15 PM
Boundary Breaker Technology
William Johnson
Co-owner and Head of R&D
12:15 PM-12:45 PM
Advanced Solutions in Mechanical Recycling with 1.5-Nanometer Titanate Catalysts/Coupling Agents
Salvatore J. Monte
Kenrich Petrochemicals
12:45 PM-1:15 PM
Lunch Break

Additive Manufacturing

1:15 PM-1:45 PM
In-Line Compounding for the Production of Custom 3D Printing Filaments with Trace Additive Concentrations
Scott Martin
Senior Applications Scientist
Thermo Fisher Scientific
1:45 PM-2:15 PM
3D Printing Changing the Landscape of Injection Molding
Haleyanne Freedman
Market Manager, Global 3D Printing Specialist
2:15 PM-2:45 PM
The Design and Testing of Thermoforming Tooling Produced via Fused Deposition Modeling
Ned Moore
Associate Professor, Engineering (Academic Department)
Central Connecticut State University
2:45 PM-3:15 PM
Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing Process Modeling: Simulations and Experiments
Mohammad Qasim Shaikh
Research Fellow
University of Louisville
3:15 PM-3:30 PM

Injection Molding or Composite Materials

3:30 PM-4:00 PM
Effect of Overflow Tab on Major Modulus of Weld Line in Glass Fiber Filled Injection Molded Parts
Amanda Nicholson
Customer Success Engineer
4:00 PM-4:30 PM
Flame Retardant Polyolefin Compounds for Transparent Film Applications with Outstanding UL-94 Performance and UV Stability
An Du
Product Development Manager
PMC Polymer Products

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