SPE National Week of Rotational Molding

SPE National Week of Rotational Molding 2022

Hosted by SPE Rotational Molding Division


The National Week of Rotational Molding presented experts from the industry to explore some of the most popular trends, techniques, and technologies that make Rotational Molding one of the most versatile molding options available to those in plastics whether you're a student, molder, supplier, or OEM.

Accessing Recorded Presentations

Recorded presentations are available to all registrants of SPE National Week of Rotational Molding. To access any of the presentations, click any link under "Program" or "Conference" in the navigation bar above. Once on any of the pages, click the "View Recording" button located next to each session.

NOTE: For those who registered, login to access presentations is required -- SPE member login or non-member account login. If you've forgotten or misplaced your login information, please RESET YOUR PASSWORD. To reset your password, you will need your username/email address.

If you DID NOT attend the Week of Rotational Molding, you may purchase event recordings by going here.

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