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February Plastics Engineering Focused On Building and Construction

Sustainability morphs construction DNA. February 2022 issue of Plastics Engineering is now available.

Plastics Engineering Highlights

Peace Maker

Recycling is good, but plants can rouse local opposition. Brightmark CEO Bob Powell shares how to win support.

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Optimize Screw Replacement

A custom design can improve the process of quality and productivity of extrusion screws as well as processing costs.

Surface Enhancement

Plasma treatment is an established process that can add performance and value to your polymer parts.

Looking Back 80 Years While Shaping the Future

Highlight your company’s history, innovations, products, services and more! Our upcoming July/August issue of Plastics Engineering magazine will be a celebration of SPE’s 80th Anniversary and a look at the future of the industry. You are invited to be an important part of this must-read issue. With a reach of over 30,000 global industry leaders in more than 84 countries, Plastics Engineering readers are your potential new customers. 90% of our readers are decision-makers for new plastics technologies — tell them about your company, your roadmap for the future, and how your success is their success. Don’t miss out. Be included in this historical SPE milestone! For Plastics Engineering advertising opportunities contact: Michael Greskiewicz or Desiray Young.

80th Anniversary Fun Fact!

In 1977, SPE membership hit an all-time high of 19,251.

Black History Month

Respect and Recognition

Black History Month acknowledges struggles and achievements of the past but is also meant to leverage the work of our forebears to create success in the future. SPE recognizes and celebrates Black and other underrepresented scientists, engineers, and students. Our industry, economy, and world all benefit from their talents and we honor them with appreciation.

“The sacrifices and accomplishments of my ancestors is the ‘tie that binds’ me to what I can achieve today. I am often moved to tears when I think about all they chose to lay on the line for me to have a seat at the table.”

— Sherrika Sanders, Member, SPE DEI Advisory Board

“During Black History Month I celebrate heroes from the past who fought against literal and societal bondage and made great achievements. These days, we see Black people whose success would exceed our ancestors’ imagination.”

— Brian L. Gibson, Member, SPE DEI Advisory Board

What's Happening Around SPE

Is Delivering a Great Presentation Hard For You?

Are you speaking at an upcoming SPE event? Or any event for that matter? Are you shaking in your boots at the prospect of presenting? Whether on Zoom or in-person, public speaking is one of the biggest fears people have. SPE is here to help by providing a new member benefit called “Teach the Geek to Speak,” a program that will help you create impactful presentations and give you the confidence in public speaking you've always wanted. Find out more about the program by attending “Meet Teach the Geek,” a free webinar, taking place March 3rd, and presented by Neil Thompson, Founder, Teach the Geek, and hosted by Patrick Farrey, CEO, SPE. This webinar will help you in your journey toward commanding the room at your next presentation!

Neil Thompson
Teach the Geek

SPE Announces National Week of Learning Events

Starting in 2022, SPE is launching their National Week of Learning events, which will include five days of educational content including webinars, seminars, technical papers, a one-day conference, and more. Attendees will be able to choose to attend one day or the whole week of educational programming.

National Week of Coloring Plastics

The first National Week of Learning event, the National Week of Coloring Plastics, will be held virtually and in conjunction with SPE’s Color and Appearance Division from March 21-25. This event is for those interested in pursuing a career in coloring of plastics or just wanting to learn more about coloring plastics. Workshops and Tutorials will be presented on Monday (3/21), Tuesday (3/22), Thursday (3/24), and Friday (3/25). The Plastics in UVC Sterilization Conference will take place on Wed. (3/23).

National Week of Plastics Processing

The second Week of Learning event, the National Week of Plastics Processing, hosted by the Palisades-MidAtlantic Section, is taking place virtually April 18-22. This event will focus on topics including: Current Trends in Plastics Processing and Compounding Technology; Advances in Plastics Processing; 3D Printing; and Sustainability and Recycling.

Additional SPE National Week of Learning events will be announced soon.

Call for Papers for JVAT Special Issue “The Role of Additives in Rheology and Processing”

SPE’s Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology (JVAT) announces a call for papers for an upcoming special issue on “The Role of Additives in Rheology and Processing.” The special issue will focus on the use of additives in polymer materials to modify the flow properties of the material to optimize processing into intermediate materials and useful parts. Paper themes include: nanofillers; processing aids; compatibilizers and reactive processing; flow enhancers; specially engineered materials; and more. Guest editors are Rakesh K. Gupta and Matthew S. Thompson.

Submission Timeline:

  • Submission closing date: June 30, 2022
  • Review/revision completion date: October 31, 2022
  • Special issue publication date: Early 2023

Papers may be submitted through the normal submission portal accessed from the JVAT website at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/15480585.

DEI Dialogue

DEI Dialogue features topics, issues, and professional/personal advice regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. The aim of this dialogue is to educate and provide tools to help people and organizations understand the inherent value of adopting DEI values.

Tallying the Business Benefits of DEI

Written by Cathy Nestrick (she/her), DEI Leader / Co-Host, Parity Podcast Former VP and General Counsel, Berry Global Group, Inc.

DEI improves workplace outcomes in several ways and is a play on “two heads are better than one.” Two identical heads are not better than one, but two different heads are better than one because of the new ideas, innovation and creativity offered by someone with a different point of view.

SPE News Story Ideas?

Know a member who is doing outstanding things in plastics or in SPE? Have you heard about or are part of a chapter that is making an impact or a difference in the industry? Let us know if you have any story ideas for SPE News! Feel free to contact Chris Barry at cbarry@4spe.org.

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  • WEBINAR: Polymer Molecular Weight: A Key Factor in Plastic Performance
    February 23 | Virtual Event
  • 4-Part Workshop: Patent Law Fundamentals for Scientists, Engineers and Managers - Part IV
    February 24 | Virtual Event
  • Meet "Teach the Geek"
    March 3 | Virtual Event

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